This Is The Ultimate Hot Chocolate

  • All Ages

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

The most incredible hot chocolate has been found, and Melburnians (sorry, Sydney-siders), you're in luck- it's at a cafe near you. Check out Mörk Chocolate's 'Campfire' hot chocolate, that puts all the rest to shame. 

Source: BuzzFeed Australia

Give A Cheer For These Chocolatiers

The Mörk Chocolate Brew House on North Melbourne's Errol Street sells a heap of chocolate delights including handmade choccies, rich chocolate pastries, chocolate cereal, hot chocolate powder, and now, their incredible 'Campfire' hot chocolate. Smoked salt, a beaker of (ethically sourced) chocolate, a fishbowl-style wine glass full of smoke, and a toasted marshmallow complete the ultimate hot chocolate experience- possibly the best after-school treat we ever did know about. It looks kind of like a science experiment, but we're sure it's not too tricky to figure out. 

Mörk's co-founders (and married couple!) Josefin Zernell and Kiril Shaginov source cacao liquor from Venezuela, cocoa powder from Ghana and unrefined coconut blossom sugar from West Java, according to Timeout. In their hot choccie brews, they blend all three, for one hell of a chocolate experience. Nothing could be better suited to this chilly weather, so head on over!

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