This Harry Potter-Themed Classroom Will Make You Want To Go Back To School

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Harry Potter Shops, Harry Potter jewellery, Harry Potter stationery, Harry Potter hotels, Harry Potter pop-up bars... we thought we'd seen it all as far as Harry Potter mania is concerned, but a new contender in the Harry Potter fandom realm has stepped up. A high school teacher has taken classroom decorating to a whole new level by decking out her entire classroom in Harry Potter!

Staci Lamb, a 9th Grade teacher in the US turned her classroom into a chamber of magic ala Hogwarts in an attempt to spruce up the classroom and make learning more fun. Mission accomplished!

The magical classroom looks like it could be picked straight out of one of the Hogwarts common rooms. 

Image Source: @EngagingStaci

Image Source: @EngagingStaci

Image Source: @EngagingStaci

Image Source: @EngagingStaci

Staci took a whole month to decorate the classroom in time for the new term and sourced most of the furniture second hand. The dedicated teacher is no stranger to going all out with classroom decor - she's done this before and has grand plans for turning her classroom into an Alice In Wonderland theme next time! We wish Mrs Lamb was our teacher!

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