This Melbourne Hotel Is Turning One Of Its Suites Into A Magical Harry Potter Wonderland

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In case you missed it, here at ellaslist—we’re pretty big fans of Harry and the gang. Whether it’s a Harry Potter themed birthday party, a Harry Potter pop-up bar, Harry Potter store or a Harry Potter-inspired crystal tea, we are completely and utterly here for it

And then we heard about a Harry Potter themed hotel room launching soon at one of Melbourne’s 5-star hotel icons, and our wizarding socks were sirius-ly blown off. 

Here’s what you need to know.

The Why

Although die-hard fans might struggle to understand why you wouldn’t want a Harry Potter themed suite on hand at all times, the Hotel Windsor does have its reasons for introducing the suite now. The launch is set to coincide with the upcoming production of Harry Potter and the Cursed Child at the hotel’s neighbour, the Princess Theatre, in January. The five-hour long show is set to storm the stage, and after all that magical merriment—you’ll be glad to be staying next door.

The Hotel


Located at the heart of Melbourne’s vibrant theatre and restaurant district, Hotel Windsor is a grand heritage hotel dating back to 1883, offering timelessly elegant decor, an exceptional location and an abundance of historic details and architecture. Brimming with old-world charm and grandeur, this hotel is a must-visit in and of itself—made even more appealing through the addition of their brand-new suite. 

The Room

The bit you’ve all been waiting for! So what does a Harry Potter suite y’know, actually look like

This epic wizard's suite will be chock-full of memorabilia from the wizarding world, including prints from the film’s original illustrators, wands, limited-edition magical items and a whole lotta paraphernalia and surprises to be announced closer to the launch date. A mystical mecca for muggles and magical-types alike!

Book It! 


It will probably come as no surprise that a night in this suite won’t exactly be cheap—we’re talking $699 for a mid-week night and $899 on weekends—but if you’re after a Harry Potter experience like no other, it promises to be worth it. Suites will be available from February 21 - click here to secure your booking! Guests will also receive a special lolly pack and stationery kit to take home!

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*Disclaimer: the hotel has not yet released images, so the images in this post are not representative of the Hotel WIndsor suite.