Brisbane Has A Harry Potter Shop

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

The most magical news you'll hear all day: there's a dedicated Harry Potter shop in Brisbane. Whether you're a Gryffindor or a Slytherin, you'll feel right at home at Samford's 'Store of Requirement'. Accio plane tickets!

The Store That Will Make You Believe In Magic

Found inside The Flying Nun Cafe on Station Street in Samford Valley, the shopkeeper is called, and dresses like, Harry Potter, who reportedly offers visitors the chance to be sorted into houses by The Sorting Hat upon entry. Harry Potter theme music plays in the background as you shop, and you'll apparently be dazzled by all the fascinating objects and magical paraphernalia around the place from cauldrons to common room-style lounges. From puzzles to costumes to wands and housemade chocolate frogs, this store has it all for wizards and witches, given that they have enough galleons in their pockets. The store has gone to great lengths to make it an authentic Hogwarts experience, and according to Brisbane Kids, they even host children's birthday parties! The best part? They have BUTTER BEER ON TAP!

via Brisbane Kids

via Brisbane Kids

via Brisbane Kids

There's only one rule: no muggles allowed. 

You can find The Store of Requirement at 20 Station Street, Samford. They are open Wednesday to Sunday from 10am–5pm. 


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