Make Your Own ❛Harry Potter❜ Colour-Changing Crystal Tea

By: Melissa Fine, ellaslist

Move over black tea! We've discovered the most magical tea of all: Crystal Blue Tea, which can change its colour right before your eyes. 

The brainchild of Aussie tea brand Life of Cha, the magical colour is surprisingly all-natural, derived from the violet flower of the South East Asian butterfly pea herb. 

How To Turn Blue Tea Purple

Simply add an acidic ingredient like a squeeze of lemon or lime juice to your cuppa hot Crystal Blue Tea and TADA! Watch it turn a vivid purple! A spoonful of honey also does the trick. 

Taste The Magic

Not all tea concoctions are our cuppa tea, but this one is lip-smacking thanks to the butterfly pea's subtle floral flavour, and the two other ingredients in the brew: citrus-y lemongrass, and the sweet-tasting tropical Asian pandan plant.

Lemongrass can also work its magic on a sore belly, being nice and soothing thanks to its anti-spasmodic properties.  

Where To Buy It

Online. Order it over at Life of Cha's website. 

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