The Powerhouse Museum is Closing for 3 Years as Part of a $250 Million Extension

If you've been keeping at home, you'll know there's been a whole lot of uncertainty shrouding one of Sydney's most iconic museums—the Powerhouse Museum.

The Powerhouse Museum, which resides on the site of the historic Ultimo Powerstation, is still set to undergo an extensive, all-encompassing redevelopment, however, the previous budget of half a billion (yes, billion!) dollars has been cut in half. 

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The End of Powerhouse Uncertainty

The beloved heritage building has been the subject of some serious limbo over the last eight years—from budget cuts, and a move to a new location in Parramatta being stalled, to a government plan to tear down the inner-city building and sell off the land to apartment developers being met by huge community opposition.

So where are we at now, we hear you ask?

The Overview

The Powerhouse in Ultimo will close its doors in February 2024 for three years as its set to get a more "modest" rebuild than planned under the former state Coalition government — with only half of the $500 million previously allocated to be spent.

NSW Arts Minister John Graham said $250 million will be used to give the 1988 museum a "heritage revitalisation" instead of knocking it down as previously outlined, while the other half of the previously earmarked $500 million is set to go towards schools and hospitals. 

Mr Graham has justified this decision with the comment that "NSW families are facing rampant inflation, as well as rising energy and housing costs. This is a more modest proposal and suits the times."

What's Changing?

Powerhouse Museum
A re-oriented entrance is part of the plan for the new Powerhouse Museum.

The Powerhouse revitalisation will feature an inviting outdoor public square and a newly positioned entrance that opens up to The Goods Line walkway from Central Station. It's not just about enhancing the existing collection, but also setting the stage for exclusive international exhibitions.

As part of this vision, accommodations will be created for regional school children in NSW, providing them with the opportunity to visit the museum and engage in enriching learning programs.

The Other Powerhouses 

Powerhouse Museum Parramatta
The Powerhouse Museum in Parramatta is set to open in 2025.

Enjoy discounts on your visit to Powerhouse Castle Hill, thanks to ellaslist deals.

Powerhouse Castle Hill will remain open during the intended three-year shutdown of the Powerhouse in Ultimo, while Powerhouse Parramatta is still set to open in 2025.

Basically, a whole lot is happening within the Powerhouse Museum collective, and we can't wait to see the finished results! 

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