In Crust We Trust: The Best Pies in Sydney

While you might think of them as classic country fare, it turns out that pies in Sydney are big business too! Perfectly flaky pastry, rich fillings and, of course, hipster twists on the classics are all on offer across the city, thanks to some seriously epic pie shops in Sydney.

So if you’re on the hunt for some pastry perfection in the city, we’ve got you covered. Here are our top picks for the best pies in Sydney (you can thank us once the food coma wears off!).

In Crust We Trust: The Best Pies in Sydney

1. Glenorie Bakery

Glenorie Bakery
Glenorie Bakery is home to some of the best pies in Sydney.

A family bakery in every sense of the word and an icon of the Hills District, Glenorie Bakery is renowned for its signature meat pies—and for good reason.

Handmade locally using 100% NSW beef, then cooked to perfection in their signature gravy mix, it’s not hard to see why they’re so popular. Drool!

Location: 4/930 Old Northern Rd, Glenorie

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2. Flour and Stone

The best pies in Sydney
The flaky deliciousness of the pies from Flour and Stone.

This iconic Woolloomoolloo bakery is famous for serving the goods when it comes to cakes, pastries, tarts and baked goods.

While Flour and Stone are perhaps lesser-known for their pie offering, that doesn’t mean they’re anything shy of delicious. We’re talking sumptuous flavour combos like chicken, leek and tarragon; lamb, potato and rosemary; and a drool-worthy ratatouille and feta option.

Location: 43 Riley St, Woolloomooloo

3. Bourke Street Bakery

The best pies in Sydney
Pie doesn't get much better than this!

Bourke Street Bakery is one of Sydney’s best-known bakeries, serving the best pies in Sydney, naturally. The other good news is that with multiple locations peppered across the city, there’s bound to be one within sniffing distance!

Alongside the classics (beef, beef brisket, chicken and sweet potato and such), there are great options for vegans too, including a vegan vegetable curry pie and a vegan eggplant, chickpea and mint sausage roll.

Location: multiple throughout Sydney - visit Bourke Street Bakery locations for details.

4. Black Star Pastry

The best pies in Sydney
Black Star Pastry

Another much-loved bakery with locations across Sydney (and beyond—we're looking at you, Melbourne and Shanghai!), Black Star Pastry is home to an expert team of pastry chefs who serve a mean meat gravy encased in buttery, flaky pastry shells. Rich, hearty, and brimming with flavour, they’re sure to hit the spot next time you’re craving a pie in Sydney!

Location: multiple throughout Sydney - visit Black Star Pastry locations for details.

5. The Upper Crust

The Upper Crust Collaroy
The Upper Crust have been serving some of the best pies in Sydney since the 40s!

A Northern Beaches favourite, The Upper Crust in Collaroy has been making some of the best pies in Sydney since 1948, and their menu is satisfyingly extensive. Steak pies, lamb pies, chicken pies, vegetable pies—you name it, they probably serve it.

Our picks would have to be the Mexican steak pie with salsa, red kidney beans, sour cream and cheese, or the chicken, avocado and brie pie, which showcases Tasmanian brie and fresh avocado. Delicious!

Location: 1003 Pittwater Rd, Collaroy

6. Threefold Pastry

Threefold Pastry
Parramatta—prepare for perfect pies at Threefold Pastry!

Renowned for inventive and hearty pies in Sydney's west, Threefold Pastry offers creative flavours that result in some of the best pies in Sydney.

The chicken pie with chicken, peporonata, roasted tomatoes and marjoram is absolutely as good as it sounds, and the mixed vegetable pie proves itself to be an excellent pick for non-meat-eaters. In short, Threefold Pastry is well worth a visit!

Location: Parramatta Square, 404/12 Darcy St, Parramatta 

7. Funky Pies

The best pies in Sydney
Funky Pies in Bondi.

A Bondi beauty, Funky Pies is one of the most popular pie shops in Sydney—and it’s entirely vegetarian.

With a menu as long as your arm, there’s something for every type of pie penchant, including a Chilli-non-Carne pie and an Eezy Chic ’n’ Cheezy—which boasts chicken-style chunks with fresh broccoli and button mushrooms in a delicious cheezy sauce. Oh and if you’re after a great range of gluten-free pies, Funky Pies is the place to go.

Location: 2/144-148 Glenayr Ave, Bondi Beach

8. Infinity Bakery

The best pies in Sydney
Infinity Bakery

With multiple outlets throughout the city, Infinity Bakery is Sydney’s first organic sourdough bakery.

Their pie menu has a bit of everything for every kind of pie seeker, including lamb, beef, chicken, vegetarian and various rolls as well. Race you there!

Darlinghurst - Shop 6, 274-279 Victoria St, Darlinghurst
Manly - Shop 3, 15a Market Lane, Manly

9. Pie Society - Meaty Vegan® Pies

Pie Society
Pie Society - Meaty Vegan® Pies


Breaking the mold with their innovative take on classic pies, Pie Society presents a unique addition to Sydney’s pie scene with their Meaty Vegan® Pies.

 Pie Society is turning heads with its no-compromise approach to vegan pies. Whether you're a full-time vegan, a flexitarian, or just looking to reduce your meat intake, their pies are a gastronomic delight.

Their menu boasts a range of mouth-watering options like the Meatless Classic Aussie, Meatless Classic Cottage, Chunky Meatless Steak, and even Meatless Party Pies.

Locations: Available online at the Pie Society website

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