The Best Hot Chips in Sydney

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Whether you like them with chicken salt, vinegar, tomato sauce or a side of fish and salad, enjoying hot chips is a traditional Aussie pastime. Sydney-siders are spoilt for choice when it comes to delicious hot chips in Sydney, so here are some of our top picks to try with the whole family the next time you get a hankering for the crunchy stuff.

Where to go for the Best Hot Chips in Sydney

1. Lord of the Fries

Hot Chips in Sydney - Lord of the Fries
For hot chips in Sydney plus vegetarian and vegan burgers, Lord of the Fries is ready to take your order!

This ethical fast food restaurant specialises in hot chips, as well as making delicious vegetarian and vegan burgers and hot dogs with locally grown produce! Their hot chip menu includes classic fries, chunky fries, shoe string fries and sweet potato fries. Each is paired with a sauce inspired by countries around the world, from their Belgium sauce and Parisian sauce to their deluxe range, including the East LA sauce! Lord of the Fries truly is a total hot chip experience.

2. Mary’s

Mary's Newtown
You may as well go the whole hog at Mary's and order their famous burgers too!

The hot chips at Mary's are best paired with their also-famous burgers! With two locations in Newtown and the CBD, Mary’s is a real burger joint - the takeaway-only CBD location has it’s own graffiti wall and self-serve Coke machine, while the Newtown location serves craft beers that wash those fries down just right. The hot chips are served generously, and in American-diner style in plastic baskets with grease-proof paper...a no-frills, but super tasty fries experience! 

3. Bentley Restaurant and Bar

Bentley Restaurant and Bar
If you like your hot chips thick-cut, you'll love the hot chips at Bentley Restaurant and Bar.

Bentley Restaurant and Bar is a little bit fancy! Boasting a terrific wine menu, order the “hand-cut chips” with aioli from the bar menu for thick, deep golden, salty, yet light and fluffy on the inside hot chips. The restaurant is a bit on the pricey side, so stick to the bar if you’re just heading there for the hot chips, but if you’re childless for the night, why not splurge?!

4. Chargrill Charlie’s

Chargrill Charlie's
With plenty of locations across Sydney, it's always time for hot chips at Chargrill Charlie's.

Chargrill Charlie’s know how to to do hot chips in Sydney: old-fashioned, no-fuss and thinly-cut Aussie hot chips! If you’re heading to the Woollahra or Rose Bay location, avoid after school time because you will be sure to find scores of uniform-clad kids getting their after school fix, covered in chicken salt. Cheap, quick, easy and delish (and always in super-generous serving sizes - a small chips will feed two). Prefer your chips chunky? Their crispy hand-cut wedges are super moreish too. 

5. Sabbaba

Sabbaba hot chips are a firm favourite in the ellaslist office!


Sabbaba's Middle-Eastern-style hot chips are crispy, soft on the inside and lightly salted. Sabbaba will satisfy your salty cravings but be warned, they are highly addictive! Sabbaba is located on Campbell Parade in Bondi but you can also get them delivered via Deliveroo.

6. Plumer Road Chicken Shop, Rose Bay

Plumer Road Chicken Shop
If you're looking for hot chips near me in Rose Bay, give Plumer Road Chicken Shop a go.

Plumer Road Chicken Shop, Rose Bay is the kind of place where you go in for a rotisserie chicken and a salad, yet somehow also leave with an overflowing bag of hot chips - whoops! Think piping hot, thick-cut chips with just the right amount of crunch, and the perfect ratio of salt or chicken salt - need we say more?

7. The Fishbox & Co

The Fishbox & Co
The Fishbox & Co was actually recommended to us by an ellaslist reader! 

We love that there's the option of grilled fish to go with our chips from The Fishbox & Co! The Little Chipper Salmon Box is a great way to get some essential omega-3 fats into the little ones. Meanwhile, we're eyeing the sweet potato fries flooding The Fishbox & Co's Facebook feed! 

8. The Potato Corner, Blacktown 

Potato Corner Blacktown
The Potato Corner have a shop in Blacktown as well as a food truck that makes the rounds across Sydney.

The Potato Corner Blacktown have absolutely mastered flavoured fries - think seasonings like Chilli, Sour Cream & Onion, Salt & Vinegar or BBQ - and you can order yours Loopy, Straight or Criss-cut. Their sweet potato fries with the Sugar & Cinnamon seasoning also make a winner combo. 

EXTRA: Pelican Rocks Cafe

Pelican Rocks Cafe
The award-winning Pelican Rocks Cafe. 

No, the Pelican Rocks Cafe in Greenwell Point does not technically serve hot chips in Sydney but the popular establishment on the South Coast was recently a finalist in the Best Hot Chips in Australia category of the Wotif Uniquely Aussie Awards so we thought they deserve a shout out! If you're ever in the area and want to taste some of the best hot chips not just in NSW but in Australia, head to the Pelican Rocks Cafe. They still own the title of serving the best fish and chips in Australia!

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