Sydney Opera House Launch Child-Friendly Streaming Service

Sydney Opera House is renowned as an Australian cultural icon, bringing people together in a celebration of the arts. And just when you thought they couldn’t do anymore—they’ve gone and launched a brand-new streaming service, meaning you can take a front-row seat at Sydney Opera House from wherever you are. Genius! Here’s what you need to know.


Doing exactly what it says on the tin, Sydney Opera House’s Stream enables families to tune in for exclusive live streams, and get access to a selection of the very best from the performing arts—with new content added every month.

The service is free (just what we like to hear!), with some pay per play content and is positively bursting with family-friendly content that will engage little minds. Here are our top picks of what to look for on the service:

1. Footlights & Booklights

Footlights & Booklights Sydney Opera House Stream
Bring books to life with these magical storytelling sessions on Stream!

Kids will absolutely love tuning in and hearing their favourite authors reading their favourite Australian stories in Footlights & Booklights. Adam Briggs is live on the site reading the beautiful ‘Our Home, Our Heartbeat’, alongside Michael Caton reading ‘Wilfrid Gordon McDonald Partridge’. Footlights & Booklights is a wonderful way to bring books to life for little minds!

2. Teeny Tiny Stevies in Big Spaces

Music-loving kids will delight in seeing much-loved children’s band the Teeny Tiny Stevies perform their iconic songs like Boss of My Own Body, Boy or Girl Colour, plus a host of favourites from their brand new album. Teeny Tiny Stevies in Big Spaces comes with handy tips for helping little minds navigate life’s challenges—alongside providing plenty of entertainment for the whole family!

3. Guwanyi Walama Kids’ Tour of the Sydney Opera House Precinct

Join indigenous narrators on this digital Guwanyi Walama Kids Tour, which promises to deepen kids’ understanding of Aboriginal history—and how this history surrounds the place known as Bennelong Point; the home of Sydney Opera House. Designed and created especially for kids, this adventure is a jewel of Stream that is as educational as it is entertaining.

4. Who’s in the Lift Series

Sydney Opera House Launch Child-Friendly Streaming Service
Get a true behind the scenes look through the doors of Sydney Opera House with the Who's in the Lift series on Stream.

Bring Sydney Opera House to kids without bringing the kids to Sydney Opera House, thanks to the ultra-engaging Who’s in the Lift’ series currently running on Stream. Young ones will love meeting some amazing people from the stage and behind the scenes at what goes on within the walls of the city’s most iconic building!

5. Muggera Dance Party

Kids will love holding their very own dance parties alongside stars of the popular TV show Move It Mob Style, Daz and Jax Compton in the Muggera Dance Party! The focus on learning contemporary indigenous and hip-hop style dance moves makes it the perfect activity for all movers and shakers—from the littlest to the biggest!

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