Personalised Books for Kids: Give the Gift That Keeps on Giving

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Books are such a wonderful way of engaging kids in different stories and scenarios—and they’re even better when the main character is the little one themselves! Personalised books for kids are the perfect way to prepare kids for big life events; putting themselves at centre stage.

Studies indicate that when children see themselves in a story, it has a remarkable impact on their literacy and language development, helping to create confident, enthusiastic readers. Ultimately, being the star of the story helps kids to form a personal connection to the book - making the content super relatable and enjoyable.

The Best Personalised Books for Kids

1. Tinyme

Personalised books for kids
Kids will delight in being centre stage in their own story with Tinyme's gorgeous range! 

There’s lots of fun waiting to be had with Tinyme’s range of exciting personalised books for kids! Little ones will love seeing themselves at the centre of all the action - whether that’s learning the alphabet, or gaining an understanding of all of the different colours or learning about Australian culture with a trip around the country, every child will delight in being the hero in each story.

Tinyme's range of personalised books for kids comes in two sizes and is professionally printed with gorgeous soft covers bearing your child’s name! 

2. Wonderbly

Personalised Books for kids
There truly is something for every age and stage at Wonderbly—a gorgeous destination for personalised books! 


With something for every age group (including grown-ups!), Wonderbly’s range of personalised books for kids cover every age and stage and create meaningful, magical personalised stories that let children imagine themselves doing extraordinary things. Whether you’re trying to prepare your child for the arrival of a new sibling, getting them ready to start daycare or school, or simply want to remind them how capable or loved they are, Wonderbly has you covered.

With both hard and softcover options, each book can be personalised with your child’s name, and the main character illustration that best fits their look. The stories will help your child learn about their own identity, discover the world around them and develop curiosity, confidence and empathy. 

3. Hippoblue

Each Hippoblue personalised kids book has been designed to communicate a heartfelt message that helps kids form emotional connections. There are plenty of storylines to choose from depending on the interests and passions of your child, with adventures ranging from those of superheroes, princesses, dinosaurs, jungle characters and astronauts.

Each personalised story is created to encourage individuality and a strong sense of self-confidence, and the beautiful illustrations will instantly capture your child’s imagination. 

4. Dinkleboo

Dinkleboo’s selection of personalised books for kids is ultra-unique and special to every child, and there are so many storylines to choose from. Whether your child will be inspired by a trip to the zoo, a story about a monster truck, little digger, fairy, princess or mermaids, there’s something for everyone at Dinkleboo.

There’s also a range of learning books - from colours and the alphabet to numbers and shapes - which puts your little one at the centre of all of the action whilst learning in a fun, engaging way. For special occasion books, there are also books about Christmas, Easter, starting school and a whole lot more!

5. Story Book for Me

Personalised books for kids
Beautifully illustrated books by Storybook for Me. 

With titles like 'The Terrible, Wonderful, Wicked, Impossible Chase', 'Can You See Maddy?', and 'Olivia's Great Australian Bounce Around', you know that you're going to find a tale that your little ones will absolutely love being the hero of. Story Book for Me have regular book sales where you can nab a personalised book for your little character for as little as $9.99 - sold!

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