Start The Day Blue: Golden Girls Cereal Hits Shelves

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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist

Thank you for being a friend... if these words evoke memories of four loveable widowed/divorced old ladies then you need to start the day with a big bowl of Golden Girls themed cereal. If not, get back to your acai bowl, you're too young for me.

The multigrain blue loops called FunkO’s are available at Target in the USA (sorry guys, total wet blanket here, just call me Dorothy) but the good news is that you can now buy them on eBay.... if you are willing to pay through the nose.

Some boxes are under the $50 mark (still way more than the $8 retail price) but we saw others with limited edition pint glasses on upwards of the $500 price. Check out the eBay listings here if you're super keen.

The cereal is throwback to the show and the much loved characters of Rose, Blanche, Dorothy, and Sophia. To make it even more fun, each box features a toy figurine of one of the women. I reckon the Betty White toy is hot property. 

Why is the Cereal Blue?

Who really knows with those zany Americans but I can only imagine it's a tribute to the blue rinse brigade that brought so much joy to our screens in the 80s. 

Listen up, Target Australia, we need to start our day with a little sass in our life. The sass we get from our four year olds just doesn't cut it... 

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