Grab Your Goggles! The Best Spots for Snorkelling in Sydney

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If simply swimming at the beach doesn't cut the mustard anymore, it might be time to don some flippers and goggles and discover a whole new world under the water snorkelling in Sydney. 

Make this summer one of adventure and natural beauty by taking your kids snorkelling at one of Sydney’s best snorkelling spots! Kids will gain a great appreciation for the ocean and marine life at these gorgeous locations, full of wondrous creatures and calm waters. Plus, you get to make the most of the natural beauty our picturesque city has to offer. 

Grab Your Goggles! The Best Spots for Snorkelling in Sydney

1. Clovelly Beach

Bluey the Groper fish
Clovelly Beach was once home to the locally famous 'Bluey' the groper, so look out for his dazzling relatives in the water. 

Clovelly Beach is renowned for its family-friendliness, with an onsite playground, shaded BBQ huts, an ocean pool, a cafe, a kiosk, and amazing snorkelling opportunities.

The calm water can be easily accessed with Clovelly’s many in-water ramps, steps and platforms or simply from the sand. Enjoy!

Location: Eastbourne Avenue, Clovelly

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2. Little Bay Beach

Snorkelling in Sydney
Little Bay Beach

Little Bay Beach is beloved for its consistently calm waters, cleanliness, and great snorkelling potential. If this is your first time hitting the underwater world, Little Bay Beach is ideal for beginner snorkellers.

You will likely spot schools of smaller fish, sea anemones and other delicate marine life when snorkelling at Little Bay Beach.

Location: 4R Coast Hospital Rd, Little Bay

3. Malabar Beach

Malabar Beach
Malabar Beach

If snorkelling in Sydney means discovering magical underwater shipwrecks, you can't beat a snorkelling session at Malabar Beach.

The placid waters at Malabar Beach make this a popular spot with families and keen snorkelers, plus the fact that there are not one but two shipwrecks in the bay, the MV Malabar and the Goolgwai, that will make for very interesting dinnertime conversation. 

Location: 1-3R Fishermans Road, Malabar

4. Kurnell

Silver Beach Kurnell
Silver Beach, Kurnell

Huge Cuttlefish, moray eels, Port Jackson sharks (the safe sharks!), sea dragons, and obelisks are all on display when snorkelling at Kurnell and the waters of Botany Bay National Park.

Silver Beach is the ideal spot to check out Kurnell's underwater world, and the soft sand is a great spot for playing if you'll have the little ones in tow. Don't forget to stop off at Kurnell Tidal Baths midway along the beach. 

Location: 312 Prince Charles Parade, Kurnell

5. Bare Island

Bare Island
Bare Island is a great spot for beginner snorkelers.

This gem is a no-brainer when it comes to snorkelling in Sydney, particularly for Mission Impossible lovers (Bare Island was where the finale scene of the sequel was shot!).

The islet is located about 16 kilometres southeast of the Sydney CBD and is connected by a footbridge to the suburb of La Perouse. It’s also a great scuba diving spot, but appropriate for beginners too. We’ve heard a turtle lives there, so keep an eye out! We’re sure you’ll enjoy the colourful sea sponge and interesting-looking types of fish (like the Red Gurnard).

Location: The end of Anzac Parade, La Parouse

6. Cabbage Tree Bay

Snorkelling in Sydney
The glorious waters at Cabbage Tree Bay are famous among Sydney snorkellers.

Cabbage Tree Bay is nestled between Manly and Shelly Beach and has one of the most impressive and diverse ranges of marine life on this entire list.

More than 150 species of fish and marine life call Cabbage Tree Bay home and are usually on display for all of their adoring fans. From stingrays and wobbegong sharks to the much less frightening flathead and cuttlefish, Cabbage Tree is the premier spot for snorkelling in Sydney and will impress snorkelers of all ages. 

Location: Marine Parade, Manly

7. Little Manly Cove

Snorkelling in Sydney
An aerial view of Little Manly Cove.

Not to be confused with Manly Cove, Little Manly Cove is the no-waves relative of the nearby cove and is a prime candidate for one of the best spots for snorkelling in Sydney.

Little Manly Cove has calm conditions and a totally beached, relaxed vibe that's perfect for a touch of snorkelling or even just bobbing along on your favourite floaty. 

Location: Stuart Street, Manly

8. Oak Park

Snorkelling in Sydney
Cronulla's famous rock pool at Oak Park is a favourite Sydney snorkelling spot.

Explore the crevices and hideouts along this curved wall in this Cronulla park pool.

The gropers are friendly, and sea horses and turtles are frequently spotted. Divers have said that schools of fish can be so large it's hard to see through them!

Location: 156 Ewos Parade, Cronulla

9. Gordons Bay, Between Clovelly and Coogee

Snorkelling in Sydney
This secluded snorkelling bay is tucked between Clovelly & Coogee beaches.

Gordons Bay in Sydney's Eastern Suburbs is a beautiful hidden gem (and a little bit tricky to get to, unfortunately!).

This picturesque spot for snorkelling in Sydney is something quite special because the whole of Gordons Bay is actually a bonafide underwater nature trail! Get ready to spot colourful starfish, sea urchins, garfish and other cool locals (we won't give too much away!). 

Location: Gordons Bay, Clovelly

10. The Basin

The Basin
Get ready to see plenty of colourful fish when snorkelling at The Basin.


The Basin in Ku-Ring-Gai is home to loads of starfish and seahorses. The Basin has a camping ground if you want to make a getaway of it, and you can only get to it by water, so maybe a ferry from Palm Beach is the best option.

Location: The western foreshores of Pittwater in Ku-ring-gai Chase National Park

**Just a reminder to always be careful when snorkelling in Sydney. Some marine life can be dangerous and harmful, so be mindful of rips and unpatrolled water. Snorkelling is better suited to older children and experienced swimmers.

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Jan 30 2016

Yes, it is! It's located in the Eastern Suburbs of Sydney. It's a beautiful beach to visit.


Jan 28 2016

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