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Calling all Dino fans! Is someone in your family madly asking you questions about the Cretaceous Period? Is their toy cupboard overflowing with strange-looking scaly creatures? Do they go silent when an episode of Dinosaur Train comes on ABC Kids? Turns out being obsessed with dinosaurs means you're smart, so this is one fascination you might want to encourage. 

For anyone with a child who is fascinated by dinosaurs that roamed the world 65 million years ago, take a look at our top dinosaur activities in Sydney, and just wait for the roars of excitement!

Roarsome Dinosaur Activities in Sydney

1. Erth's Dinosaur Zoo 

Dinosaurs in Sydney
Erth's Dinosaur Zoo at Carriageworks.

From cute baby dinos to some of the largest creatures to have ever walked the planet, see this awesome production where you'll feel like you're walking with dinosaurs.

Erth's Dinosaur Zoo is a fun, educational and unique performance that will delight all audiences from ages 5 years and up. This interactive spectacle invites you to meet some of the most astonishing insects and dinosaurs that once roamed the planet. Get up close with the Australovenator—Australia's very own carnivorous theropod discovered in Queensland.

Where:  Carriageworks, 245 Wilson St, Eveleigh
When:   16-20 July 2024
Cost:     From $20 plus booking fee

2. Dinosaur Safari

Dinosaurs in Sydney
Dinosaur Safari at Sydney Zoo.

Hold onto your hats, dino enthusiasts! Sydney Zoo is taking you on a jaw-dropping journey back in time with their exhilarating Dinosaur Safari. Get ready to walk among the giants and experience the awe-inspiring world of the Mesozoic era.

This immersive experience is perfect for families, dinosaur fans, and anyone with a sense of adventure. Get ready to come face-to-face with some of the most famous dinosaurs in history, including the mighty T-Rex, the gentle giant Brachiosaurus, the speedy Velociraptor, the ever-popular Triceratops and others.

Where:   Sydney Zoo, 700 Great Western Hwy, Eastern Creek
When:    6-21 July from 9 am to 5 pm
Cost:      FREE with your zoo ticket

3. Dinosaurs Exhibition at The Australian Museum

Dinosaur activities in Sydney
Dinosaurs Exhibition at The Australian Museum

For a dino-lover of any age, the superb Dinosaurs Exhibition at the Australian Museum is one of the best spots to peruse real-life dinosaurs in Sydney.

Discover the fascinating world of dinosaurs that once roamed Australia, including the mighty Muttaburrasaurus. Marvel at the skull of a Centrosaurus and observe the bird-like traits of the Bambiraptor, linking it to modern birds, the only dinosaurs still alive today. Australia Museum's interactive displays allow you to experience the Mesozoic era firsthand: smell its unique scents, make dinosaur calls, and even see the world through a dinosaur's eyes! Plus, you can see the world's first anatomically correct T-rex model that stands at a whopping 11 metres long!

Where:   1 William Street, Darlinghurst
When:    Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm
Cost:      Free with your museum entry ticket

4. Dinosaur Valley at Scenic World

Dinosaur Valley at the Blue Mountains
Go deep into the Dinosaur Valley at the Blue Mountains.

They're back in 2024 - Scenic World in the Blue Mountains will play host to some of your favourite dinosaurs this September! 

Joined by friendly Dinosaur Rangers, visitors of all ages will meet prehistoric dinosaurs up close during daily ‘Meet and Roar’ events, while the kids will enjoy meeting their favourite dino friends.

Where:   Scenic World, Violet Street & Cliff Drive, Katoomba
When:    From September 2024
Cost:      TBA

5. Celebrate a Birthday in Dino-Style

Dinosaur party
Your birthday party is about to get extra-terrestrial! 


For a birthday party they’ll never forget, organise a dinosaur party with Fizzics Education.

The experts will come to your house/venue and set up dinosaur activities such as casting your own fossils and digging out replica dinosaur bones, building a replica a dinosaur skeleton, making dinosaur snot (ewww!) and feeling replica dinosaur teeth, replica dinosaur eggs and replica dinosaur skin.

These science-based parties have been designed by experienced science teachers to make sure that the balance of cool, fun, and educational is just right - roarsome!

6. The Dinomaniacs Show

The Dinomaniacs
The Dinomaniacs

Get ready for The Dinomaniacs, a wildly interactive and energetic dinosaur activity perfect for the entire family!

This family show spectacular will ignite your imagination as you embark on a thrilling journey back in time with Razor the Raptor, Trixi the Triceratops, Aussie dinos Ozzi & Oi, Tara the Dino Queen, Shaun the Dino Doctor, and many more prehistoric special guests. Featuring original songs like Rock & Roar, The Dino Dr, and Dance with the Dinosaurs, alongside classic toe-tapping tunes, you're sure to be dancing in your seat.

Expect plenty of surprises, jokes, and dancing, plus exciting chances to get up close and personal with seven incredible dinosaurs. 

Where:   Panthers North Richmond, 33 Beaumont Ave
When:    16 July from 10.30 am
Cost:      $22.60

7. The National Dinosaur Museum, Canberra

Dinosaur Museum Canberra
Kids will go dino-crazy at the National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra.

OK, so it’s not in Sydney but The National Dinosaur Museum in Canberra is well worth the trip for any dinosaur fanatic.

It’s home to Australia’s largest display of dinosaur and prehistoric exhibits. If you don't want to pay the entry fee then you can hang around outside to see the huge, life-like fibreglass dinosaurs roaming the grass in front of the building. Inside you'll get access to lots of fantastic interactive exhibits to inspire kids to learn everything there is to know about dinosaurs but there’s no doubt the highlight will be the enormous animatronic models.

The National Dinosaur Museum is open 10 am – 5 pm, every day except Christmas Day.

Where:   6 Gold Creek Rd, Nicholls, ACT
When:    Open daily from 10 am to 5 pm
Cost:      Family pass $45; adults: $16; children $10.50; under 4s go FREE

8. Go Fossil Hunting on the Northern Beaches

Fossil hunting
Go hunting for real-life fossils on Sydney's Northern Beaches.

Recreate an Indiana Jones-esque adventure and set off to the headlands along the beautiful Northern Beaches for some fossil hunting fun.

OK, so you're unlikely to discover anything incredibly rare, probably a fern or horsetail, if you’re lucky a fish or amphibian, but the kids are going to love the thrill of the search. Turrimetta, Avalon and Warriewood beaches are the best bets for a fossil find. 

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Apr 18 2018

We have spent many hours hanging out with the large dinosaurs in the carpark of Kellyville Pets also.