Six Big Things To See On Your Next Aussie Road Trip

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Australia is a vast country, rich with interesting natural attractions, unique landmarks and expansive open roads. It’s no wonder that it’s become one of the most beloved destinations for road trippers. As a matter of fact, there are so many roadside sights Down Under worth visiting that people might get carried away and miss some true gems.

So we've put together a list of the ultimate Aussie roadside attractions for every traveller. Here are the top six big things to see on your next Aussie road trip.

1. Big Merino, New South Wales

The Big Merino in New South Wales is one of Six Big Things To See On Your Next Aussie Road Trip
The Big Merino in NSW. Image via Visit NSW.

Sheep wool is one of the most popular export products of Australia so it's little wonder you might see a huge statue of the merino sheep in Goulburn, New South Wales. On the road leading from Canberra to Sydney, there’s this 50-feet tall sheep, dominating the surrounding landscape! It was built in 1985, modelled after a local ram named Rambo.

Tourists can climb inside this structure to view the world through Rambo’s eyes. You can buy sheep souvenirs here too.

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2. Big Mango, Queensland

The Big Mango
The Big Mango In Queensland. Image via Facebook.

There’s a mango-growing area around Bowen, in Queensland which goes some way to explaining the huge mango by Bowen Beaches, near the Bruce Highway. It’s a 10-ton fruit that represents the most important products from this part of Australia. So, leave the highway and head to Bowen to see the massive mango and try the beautiful Whitsunday beaches behind the mango. The entire setting is visually enticing, so make sure to take some photos here, as well.

If you’re planning to spend an entire day on the beach, bring sand toys, books and beach equipment to keep your kids entertained all day long.

3. Giant Koala, Victoria

Giant Koala, Victoria
Victoria's Giant Koala. Image via Facebook.

Families travelling around Australia should visit the giant koala in Dadswells Bridge, Victoria. Perched on the route from Melbourne to the Grampians, it’s a 45-foot-tall model depicting these cute animals in a naturalist albeit ginormous way!

You can have a picnic outdoors and take a break from your trip or go inside the wildlife centre behind the Giant Koala.

4. Big Banana, New South Wales

Big Banana, NSW
NSW's Big Banana. Image via Visit NSW.

The first thing that started the whole big thing craze Down Under in the 1960s was the Big Banana in Coffs Harbour. It’s now a tourist resort between Sydney and Brisbane.

This massive model was put up when bananas were the main export product of this area. In the meantime, Coffs Harbour has become a popular tourist destination and the banana is a reminder of the old days.

Locals have now blended tourism and fruit farming, to create the Big Banana Fun Park, one of the best water parks in Australia, and the Big Banana was one of the winners of Wotif’s awards for unique Aussie attractions in 2020.

5. Big Pineapple, Queensland

Big Pineapple, Queensland
The Big Pineapple in Queensland


The Big Pineapple in Woombye looms high above pineapple fields, with the picturesque Sunshine Coast in the background. Close to the Bruce Highway, this statue is a popular landmark for locals and travellers, especially families with children.

There’s also an annual Big Pineapple Music Festival and local authorities are planning to add a brewery and an amusement park to the local offer.

6. Big Penguin, Tasmania

The-Big-Penguin Tasmania
The Big Penguin of Tasmania. Image via Facebook.

If you’re planning to leave mainland Australia, you can extend your road trip to Tasmania. However, depending on how long you’ll be away from your home, safety and storage can become issues, so do your homework beforehand.

When in Tasmania, don’t miss the Big Penguin in the north coast town of Penguin, between Burnie and Devonport. The town got its name from the penguins that gather on the coast here from September to March, and the huge model dominates the view of the ocean in the background. On Christmas Day, the local people dress the penguin in Santa Clause’s suit.

There’s a souvenir shop accompanying the Big Penguin, where tourists can get different penguin-shaped items.

These roadside attractions are just the tip of the iceberg for people planning to drive around Australia. There are so many other attractions where families can take some wonderful photos and spend quality time, enjoying fun facilities and doing relaxing activities. So, pack up and set off for a crazy road trip in Australia.

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