Capertee Valley: Visit The World's Second Largest Canyon

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Surrounded by World-Heritage wonders, stunning landscapes, and the world’s second-largest canyon, Capertee Valley is one of those hidden gems that we can’t believe we didn’t know existed! If you’re looking for a new road trip destination or family holiday spot just outside Sydney, you’ll definitely want to add Capertee Valley to your list.

Capertee And Capertee Valley

Capertee itself is a sleepy village 45 kilometres north of Lithgow and just over 2.5 hours drive from Sydney. While the town itself doesn’t have much in the way of tourist attractions (the main street offers nothing more than a pub, cafe, convenience store, and real estate office), Capertee Valley is a site of immense natural wonders.   

Australia’s Grand Canyon

Hailed as Australia’s Grand Canyon, Capertee Valley is geology on a very grand scale. Much like Arizona’s Grand Canyon, Capertee Valley’s sandstone cliffs plunge hundreds of metres and encircle the valley for kilometre upon breathtaking kilometre. However, unlike the Grand Canyon, which sits at a width of 29 kilometres, Capertee Valley is an impressive 30 kilometres wide. Could it be the largest canyon in the world? Sadly, no, as Capertee isn’t as long or deep as the Grand Canyon, but we’ll happily accept the largest canyon in Australia and second-largest canyon in the world titles!  

To visit the largest canyon in Australia is certainly a bucket list item for adventurous families. Aside from the spectacular views and sensational rock formations the valley offers, Capertee is home to a wide variety of bird and animal life, has plenty of bushwalking tracks for all fitness levels, is great for family camping, and is also the site of the former mining town, Glen Davis. 

Capertee Accommodation

Image Source: Bubble Tent Australia

From camping to funky bubble tents, rustic cottages, and homestays, there’s plenty of accommodation in Capertee to suit all tastes. If you have your heart set on camping right in the thick of nature, Capertee Campground is located in the Capertee National Park and offers tent sites, caravan sites, cottages, and homesteads.

For accommodation that’s a little bit out-of-the-box, you might like to try a Bubble Tent. With panoramic views over Capertee Valley, Bubble Tent Australia’s Virgo Tent will put you smack-bang in the midst of the Valley for a unique overnight stay under the stars. The Virgo Tent only sleeps 2 so is more suited to a romantic couples getaway.   

For more information on accommodations in Capertee Valley, visit the website

Things To Do


Bushwalking is practically mandatory when visiting Capertee Valley and so it should be – the views are simply breathtaking! There are a number of bushwalking tracks to suit different fitness levels, from the lengthy 20-kilometre Pipeline Track to the less intense Capertee Valley Bird Trail.  

If you’d prefer to take in the Capertee Valley views without having to bushwalk, Pearsons Lookout is your best bet. Located a few kilometres south of Capertee town, Pearsons Lookout gives you one of the best viewpoints of the impressive canyon and is easily accessible by car.


If you’re an avid bird watcher, you’re in luck, as Capertee Valley just happens to be one of the top 50 best birdwatching locations in the world. Capertee is home to more species of bird than anywhere else in the Southern Hemisphere, so you’re sure to meet some new and endangered species on your travels. The Capertee Valley Bird Trail offers 19 birdwatching sites, all easily accessible. For birdwatching information and maps, visit the website.

Visit A Ghost Town

For those who aren't afraid of ghosts, a pitstop at Glen Davis is a must (but maybe during the day!). The old shale-mining ghost town is completely deserted and completely chilling when you view the abandoned houses and crumbling ruins of a once flourishing mining tunnel from 1881. Glen Davis is located 35 kilometres east of Capertee on the easter rim of the valley.  

Gardens Of Stone

The incredible rock formations at the Gardens Of Stone National Park are also worth a visit while in Capertee. Access to the park is via a 4WD track at Ben Bullen (look out for the signpost), and will put you face-to-face with looming limestone outcrops, sandstone cliffs, and unique multi-tiered formations. 

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Jan 08 2021

I thought the pipeline track was closed in 2014 as it passes through private property. Has it been reopened or is there now an alternative route.