The Cotton Candy Caves Are The Perfect Hidden Gem

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Did you know that the Central Coast is home to magical Cotton Candy Caves? We certainly didn't but now that we do we can't wait to jump in the car for a weekend adventure with a very colourful reward! 

Where Are The Magical Cotton Candy Caves?

Pink Caves Central Coast Moonee Beach Trail
The magical Cotton Candy Caves change from pink to purple depending on the tide & time of day.

The remarkable Cotton Candy Caves are also known as the Pink Caves or the Munmorah Sea Caves, and they're located along the Moonee Beach Trail that hugs Timber Beach and Ghosties Beach in the Munmorah State Conservation Area. Driving from Sydney to the Moonee Beach Trail will take just over 1.5 hours and is the perfect weekend adventure on a sunny day. Make sure you pack your walking shoes as access to the Cotton Candy Caves can only be achieved via the Moonee Beach Trail. 

Moonee Beach Trail

Moonee Beach Trail Central Coast
The Moonee Beach Trail is an adventure all on its own!

The 4-km return Moonee Beach Trail is a delightful family adventure that rewards you with stunning views of the South Pacific Ocean, Timber Beach, Ghosties Beach and, not to mention the magic of the Cotton Candy Caves. If you're planning on traversing the Moonee Beach Trail solely to see the main Cotton Candy Caves, start out at the northern end of Moonee Beach and follow the rock platform to the main Cotton Candy Caves. 

Deep Cave Bay

Munmorah Sea Caves
Deep Cave Bay is also called the Munmorah Sea Caves.

Now if you're up for a real adventure, it's a little-known secret that there are more Cotton Candy Caves (Rainbow Caves to be more specific) if you choose to venture a little further. Once you've seen the main Cotton Candy Caves closest to the beach, walk back to the northern end of Moonee Beach and keep walking up over the headland towards Deep Cave Bay - Snapper Point Lookout offers the best aerial views of Deep Cave Bay or Rainbow Caves. Deep Cave Bay is open until 7 pm and is a stunning lookout that lets you take in the majestic oddity that is the Rainbow Caves from above. When the tide is just right get ready for vivid pinks, yellows, purples and blues - where are on earth did they come from?!

Visiting Moonee Beach With Kids

Please note that we do not recommend climbing into the sea caves with kids as it's extremely dangerous given the unpredictability of the tides.
Instead, if you're visiting Moonee Beach with kids and they want to see the colourful Cotton Candy Caves, there are colourful rock pools at the Northern end of Moonee Beach that are strikingly colourful and fun for the kids to play in at low tide.

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