Parents: Apply For The NSW $100 Creative Kids Voucher

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Creativity is an essential human characteristic, not just something you need to kill time on a rainy crafternoon. Creativity helps children develop mentally, socially, and emotionally, and encourages risk taking, problem solving and exploration. This year the NSW Government is recognising the benefits of creativity by announcing a cash rebate for parents who enroll their kids in creative arts classes. 

The $100 voucher can be put towards tuition costs for things such as drama, dance, speech, digital design, coding, photography, sculpture, circus, parkour, languages, and music lessons and activities. Similar to 2018's Active Kids Voucher, you can apply for one voucher for each child per year at a registered provider. 

The voucher can be used at any time during the calendar year it was issued and yes, you can still apply for the Active Kids Voucher, potentially saving you $200 per child per year. Your child must be aged between 4.5 to 18 years old and currently enrolled in school.

Why Creativity Is King

Identifying and nurturing creative potential in childhood is crucial for raising the next generation of innovators whose mindset and problem-solving skills will solve today’s (and tomorrow’s) greatest challenges. And at the end of the day, your child is going to enjoy it!

Apply for your Creative Kids Voucher here. 

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