Neighbourhood Earth: A Space Exhibition That❜s Out Of This World

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Amid the hustle and bustle of Sydney’s waterfront urban playground of Darling Harbour, there is an intergalactic exhibition that will transport you to another world. Hidden within the halls of the ICC, the expansive domes serve as a cosmic retreat of hushed, darkened spaces, full of intriguing models and illuminations, where you can take some time out to marvel at the wonder of our incredible universe. Take a trip to Neighbourhood Earth and you’ll be carried on a journey that is out of this world.

While everyone can appreciate the magic and mystery of our solar system, astronomy buffs will be in awe of the collection at Neighbourhood Earth. From miniature holograms to super-sized screens, the breadth of the multi-sensory exhibition is breathtaking.

Neighbourhood Earth
The mesmerising interactive holograms at Neighbourhood Earth

Entering the other-worldly space, the impact is immediate. A ginormous, illuminated globe hangs from the centre of the ceiling, enveloped by huge projections of moving star-scapes. The slowly-changing scenes and the encompassing ambient surround sound create a meditative experience and set the mood for your space odyssey.

Venturing into the exhibition's orbit there are extraordinary details to explore. Astronaut suits, space crafts, NASA rockets. Every item is paired with insightful information to deep-dive into the adventure and uncover the hidden beauty beyond our own sphere.

Neighbourhood Earth Space Shuttle
Get inside a space shuttle at Neighbourhood Earth!

An incredible gallery of holographic planets and space-crafts with interactive LCD displays use cutting edge technology to provide a wealth of fascinating fun facts about our solar system in a thoroughly engaging way. A life-size walk-through space shuttle provided a sneak peek into what astronaut life really looks like and a mini-museum of models and artefacts showcase intriguing stories about the history and future of space exploration.

The Neighbourhood Earth cinema is the centre of the exhibition and takes you on a NASA-led expedition through the solar system with immersive projections across an array of mammoth screens. Just outside is an interactive simulator where you can explore the cosmos yourself.

Neighbourhood Earth Interactive Art
Kids can create interactive, artwork and send it to outer space!

Follow the stars and you'll discover a dedicated kids zone abuzz with hands-on activities. Curious little minds will love seeing what they weigh on other planets, testing the different forces of gravity and launching their own rockets. The impressive interactive drawing realm encourages kids to choose a spacecraft or creature template to colour in, then and scan it into life on the big screen. Their creation comes alive in outer space with a host of other unique, colourful characters.

Bringing technology, science and creativity together in a brilliant installation of light and sound, Neighbourhood Earth will take you on an out of this world spaceflight without leaving the city. Book your tickets and you’ll thank your lucky stars you did!

Get more details about Neighbourhood Earth. Due to popular demand, the exhibition is now in orbit until 25 January 2022.

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