The Best Mums and Bubs Movie Sessions in Sydney

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We all know that babies can be restless and loud when it comes to outings, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t get the chance to go out and enjoy a good movie with your bub!

Baby-friendly movie sessions are special screenings where mums, dads, carers and their bubs can sit and enjoy a movie without feeling the need to leave just because your child is crying. We’ve rounded up all the Sydney cinemas and Sydney movie sessions you can take your baby to.

Please note: These sessions are not on during the school holidays.

The Best Mums and Bubs Movie Sessions in Sydney

1. Bring Your Baby – Event Cinemas

During Event Cinema Bring Your Baby screenings, cinemas are lightly lit so you can see the action and keep an eye on the little ones.

They have a huge line-up of all the latest films, however, the schedule varies between locations so check with your local cinema to see what’s happening. Bring Your Baby sessions are also available in Gold Class. Ooh, la la!

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2. Event Junior

Mums and Bubs Movie Sessions in Sydney
Event Junior Movie Playgrounds

If you've got big and little kids in tow, Event Junior are making it easy to take the whole family to the movies with their super-cool movie playgrounds - yep, you read that right!

Movie playgrounds are most definitely a thing, particularly for mums with bubs and kids who can't sit still. So far, Event Cinemas at Macquarie Centre is the only Event Junior in Sydney but we're hoping more pop up in the future!

3. Reel Bubs – Dendy

Mums and Bubs Movie Sessions Sydney
Dendy Reel Bubs

Dendy Reel Bubs screenings are tailored to meet the needs of bubs and include dimmed lights (not extinguished lights) and sound levels that suit the parent/carer and child.

They also hold sensory screenings for families living with autism and other sensory needs. They host them once a month on a Saturday at 10 am, creating a safer and quieter environment with dimmed lights and reduced sound levels.

4. Babes in Arms – Palace Cinemas

The Palace Babes In Arms screenings, specifically designed with the needs of parents and their bubs in mind, is a perfect opportunity to catch the latest release film in the comfort of a lightly dimmed cinema, with easy pram access (with on-site lifts), and no one minds how much noise is made - half the audience are in nappies!

5. BYO Baby - Ritz Cinema

Ritz Cinema
Ritz Cinema

Watch the latest films on Ritz’s largest screen in Cinema 1 and catch up with other parents and bubs. Ritz Cinema BYO Baby sessions screen the latest films dedicated to carers with babies, with no pressure to leave the cinema if your baby cries. The lights are dimmed and the sound level is reduced for the comfort of the bubs.

6. Prams at the Pix – Hoyts Cinemas

Relax and unwind, and watch the latest movies on the big screen at Hoyts Cinema Prams At The Pix, including comedy, drama, action and sci-fi flicks. They’ll dim the lights and soften the volume, to ensure you can sit back and enjoy your break. 

When:    Wednesdays however session times vary between locations
Where:   Various Hoyts Cinemas
Cost:      Adults $11; Under 5s FREE

7. Mums, Dads and Bubs - The Orpheum

*Currently on hold*

You’ll always find retro films, sing-alongs and unique movies playing at the Orpheum's Mums, Dads & Bubs sessions. Every fortnight on Mondays you can enjoy all of them with your bub!

When:    Fortnightly on Mondays at 11 am
Where:   380 Military Road, Cremorne
Cost:      $10

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Dec 12 2016

Hello, Fyi - Warriewood United Cinema's in the Northern Beaches also has a Parent and Bubs session La