Monopoly Dreams is Coming to Melbourne in 2022

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Did you even have a childhood if you never battled against your siblings in a heated game of Monopoly a few thousand times? Arguably Hasbro's most famous board game, Monopoly was every child's first venture into the volatile world of real estate, high-stakes investments, negotiating, and the unfair reality of pot luck.  

If it's been a few years since you've successfully bankrupted your entire family by developing a thriving property empire along Kings Avenue and Flinders Way, get ready to take your Monopoly-playing skills to a whole new level.

A Brand-new Monopoly Theme Park is Opening in Melbourne

Monopoly Dreams Hong Kong
The existing MONOPOLY DREAMS™ in Hong Kong.

Melbourne will soon become the second city in the world to score a real-life Monopoly theme park. 

Monopoly Dreams is set to open at Melbourne Central in 2022, with entrepreneurs Derek Lo and Steven Lo managing to secure $20 million to build the 1650-square-metre indoor theme park.  

The new Monopoly Dreams in Melbourne will be modelled after the existing MONOPOLY DREAMS™ that opened in Hong Kong in 2019 but is rumoured to be double the size! 

Welcome to Monopoly City

Monopoly Dreams Melbourne will be split across two zones: Monopoly City and Monopoly Mansion, and before you ask, yes, you will need to Pass Go to enter. We're not quite sure at this stage if you'll collect $200 when you Pass Go, but we do know that the Pass Go entrance will be a neon-lit tunnel introducing visitors to the 15 incredible attractions across the two zones.

The immersive experiences will be plentiful at the new theme park including 4D theatres, railway rides, magic mirrors, a Water Works game, real-life Chance Wheels, flying money at The Bank, plus on-site cafes and retail stores where you can spend your hard-earned Monopoly money.

If you're one of the unlucky ones who end up in Jail, you'll have to battle for your parole against the other inmates by rolling a double with a massive set of dice.

And as for the epic prizes? Rumour has it the prizes will be next level - we're talking big bucks and even airline tickets!

Monopoly Dreams Opening Date

An official opening date is yet to be announced, but we know it's sometime in 2022.

Monopoly Dreams will be open for public visits, birthday parties, school excursions and special events such as weddings.

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