Meet Sydney❜s Crazy Croissant Creator

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Did you know Sydney has it’s very own croissant connoisseur: Textbook Boulangerie Patisserie’s John Ralley!? He makes delectable creations- classics with modern and unique twists.

You'll find him on Botany Road, Alexandria at his innovative patisserie- as if Alexandria needed another great foodie spot! The glass cake display case supposedly causes major dilemmas for Sydney-siders. Picking just one treat in a patisserie this delicious? Take-aways for later that evening are a must. Since it opened in mid 2015, their apple crumble has emerged as the jewel in the patisserie’s crown, however according to Broadsheet, Ralley wants the whole selection to have some limelight, not merely one dish.

Ralley forms one half of the duo behind this little piece of France, the other half being Steve Andersen the baker, who is apparently a “bread-geek”. That’s good news for hungry mums with little folks to feed! Check out some of their delicious menu items, from their Christmas themed “croismas trees” to delicious Poke Balls!

And on Australia Day 2020 he will bring back his famous Lamington Croissants! The dark chocolate pastry is filled with whipped cream and strawberry jam and covered in a generous dusting of desiccated coconut. Get your hands on one at the Alexandria store over the weekend of January 25–26 (but be quick because they will sell out).








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