Kariton Sorbetes: The Adored Melbourne Ice-creamery Opens in Sydney

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Kariton Sorbetes, the beloved Melbourne ice-creamery, has officially set its scoops in Sydney, making waves in the city's dessert scene.

Kariton Sorbetes: The Adored Melbourne Ice-creamery Opens in Sydney

Kariton Sorbetes Sydney
Kariton Sorbetes

Crafted by culinary maestros John Rivera (formerly of Lume and Sunda) and Minh Duong (previously of Maha), this artisanal Filipino ice cream joint started as a humble home-delivery service back in 2020. But with its irresistible flavours drawing a dedicated following, Kariton Sorbetes quickly expanded, boasting three bustling stores in Melbourne and ambitious plans for further growth.

Kariton Sorbetes Sydney
Each scoop at Kariton is a flavourful homage to Asian tastes.

Each scoop at Kariton Sorbetes is a flavourful homage to Asian tastes, drawing inspiration from a medley of ingredients, snacks, and desserts. Picture matcha gelato infused with adzuki bean paste, tantalising Yakult-flavored scoops, or the alluring rose-coloured Bandung creation, inspired by a beloved Indonesian beverage. And with these playful concoctions flying off the shelves within 48 hours of being churned, you're guaranteed some of the freshest gelato in town.

But Kariton Sorbetes isn't just about scoops; it's an experience. Dive into their vibrant "slushie-dessert" halo-halo or savour the decadent (and vegan-friendly) Taho, a sundae-like delight brimming with silken-tofu soft-serve, soy-milk panna cotta, and tapioca pearls, all drenched in a warmed oolong-tea syrup.

Kariton Sorbetes Lands in Burwood

Kariton Sorbetes Burwood
Kariton Sorbetes lands in Burwood.

The latest addition to Kariton's flavour empire is its Sydney outpost in Burwood, unveiled in March 2024.

Featuring a tantalising array of 16 flavours, including 14 signature staples and two rotating specials, this new locale promises a taste journey like no other. While the original Melbourne menu spotlighted Filipino flavours, the Sydney edition embraces a broader palette, incorporating classic ingredients from across Asia. From Vietnamese coffee custard to the iconic Milo dinosaur, from pandan kaya for Malaysian palates to the luscious ube halaya and hojicha cheesecake with hojicha chocolate chunks, there's something to entice every taste bud.

So, swing by the newest Kariton hotspot at 173 Burwood Road, Burwood, and prepare for a sorbet sensation that's bound to elevate your dessert game!

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