Hurrah For Gin Shows Us How To Make Birthday Parties Less Awful

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Birthday parties might seem like all fun and games from the outside, but anyone who has experienced the true hell of a kids' birthday party - whether its their own kids or someone else's - knows that they are far from just fun and games. Luckily Hurrah for Gin is back to show us exactly how to make them more tolerable!

Keep Them Short

Time works differently at kid’s parties. Every hour in a normal environment = 5 hours at a kid’s party. It’s a bit like The Matrix. Hurrah's advice is to keep them shorter than 2 hours. 


Make The Venue A Pub

Sorry but any child who wants to hold their party in a soft play centre is just selfish! Hold it in a pub, stick up some balloons, greet your guests with beer and everyone wins. 


Hire Some Cheap Entertainment

Party entertainers are expensive! Find some uni students who have been out on a bender all night, reeking of jager and cigarettes - they'll do it for cheap and your kids will never know!


Don't Play Games

Games like pass the parcel are only going to send the parents into an anxiety-riddled panic. It's really just a circle of crying children surrounded by parents who need to get a grip!


Give The Kids Food They Want

No kid really wants to eat a mezze plate of cut up vegetables. They want sugar and chips and cordial. Stop pretending that your kids eats this stuff all the time. It's a party - relax.


Make Sure There's Cake

This is the one thing everyone wants - including the parents because it signifies the end of the whole ordeal. We don't care who made it. Just bring it! 


Enough With The Party Bags

These days parents try to be clever and not fill them with sugar. But do we really need any more chokeable, flammable crap you brought off eBay from China in our homes? No thanks.

Read the full post by Hurrah For Gin here.

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