Survey Finds An Astonishing Amount Of People Want A ‘Sleep Divorce’ From Their Partner

Does your partner snore? Do they steal all the covers, exposing your feet to the cold (and we all know it—feet-pouncing monsters)? Do they aggressively change positions and wake you up every time they do? Are you at the end of your tether, on the brink of suggesting separate bedrooms? Well, it turns out that you’re not alone.

Filing For A Sleep Divorce

A 2010 study by the National Sleep Foundation found that almost a quarter of married couples have been forced to enact separate sleeping arrangements to ensure adequate slumber for all—and a new study has found this number to have grown. A new nationwide American survey of 3,000 people indicates that even more are craving a sleep divorce, but are too apprehensive to bring up the topic with their partners.

The Stats

Image: The Independent

Overall, the data collected by Mattress Clarity, a sleep product review website, revealed that 30.9 per cent of Americans would like to sleep separately from their significant other. That’s almost a third! And if that wasn’t bad enough, a whopping 10 per cent of those surveyed admitted to having a previous relationship end over sleep issues.

In terms of gender, the results interestingly revealed that men (40 per cent) are more likely than women (38 per cent) to want their own bed space. Probably because they’re the biggest bed-hoggers, amiright?!

Why It’s So Important

It’s no secret that sleep is an integral part of a person’s wellbeing, with studies continually proving the huge impact it has on mental health, brain clarity and decision making processes. Alongside these, the physical threats that a lack of sleep poses to someone's health include heart disease and diabetes.

Put simply, you’ve gotta do what you’ve gotta do—yours, and your partner’s, health has to come first. And if this means sleeping in separate bedrooms, so be it! 

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