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Thanks to global warming and that pesky hole in the Australian ozone layer, sun safety has never been more important —and we’re always on the lookout for fun and innovative ways to keep little ones safe from the harm of the sun’s rays. We all know about the damage that UV exposure can wreak on both our skin and our chances of developing skin cancer later in life—but any parent will tell you how difficult it can be to wrangle your kids into rashies or wetsuits at the beach, or get them to sit still long enough to enable you to slather them in factor 50 sunscreen. 

Enter, Crazy Arms—sun protective sleeves that offer a cool, fun and environmentally-friendly way to protect 25-30% of your child’s body from sun damage. Here’s why they’re essential for kids who love to be in the great outdoors.

Sun Safety

While we know about the need to establish sun-safe practices in early childhood, what isn’t widely known is the impact of early years sun exposure on our chances of skin cancer in later life. 

Crazy Arms cite research by Professor Micheal Kimlin at the Queensland University of Technology as being fundamental to their ‘why’. Professor Kimlim found that “UV exposure during a person’s first 18 years of life was most critical for cancer-causing skin damage and skin ageing.” Plus, 80% of lifetime UV Ray absorption occurs before a child turns 18. Scary stuff, huh?

Simply by adding a pair of arms, you’re protecting an additional 25-30% of your child’s skin (if they’re wearing shorts, t-shirt, hat and shoes)—which makes Crazy Arms an ideal solution to sun-safety if you’ve got children that adore playing outside!

Imaginative Designs

Look, we’re all for practicality and making sensible choices; but if those sensible choices happen to be extremely cool and imaginative, you certainly won’t catch us complaining. 

Crazy Arms come in such a diverse range of patterns and designs that they allow kids to make a real statement about who they are, all while serving an insanely important purpose. They’ll quickly capture the imaginations of your kids, and become a mainstay of their everyday wardrobe.

Fewer Chemicals

Sunscreen is great and all, but the wearing of Crazy Arms will enable you to dramatically reduce the number of chemicals that go into your child’s body, as you’re eliminating a huge surface area that usually requires sunscreen. ellaslist Mum of four girls, Jodi, says that Crazy Arms are a godsend, explaining "all of my girls love to wear them, my 4 year old kept hers on for 5 days in a row—it's like dressing up for them! I'm happy too as the suncream used to get all over the furniture as they rested their arms on the lounge and dining table." What a win!

Comfort-First Design

Instead of adding an entire extra layer to your child’s outfit, the arms-only approach of Crazy Arms will keep them comfortable in the hot Australian weather. The wider opening at the top of the arm contains lightweight elastic that will help keep them in place without pinching, while the elastane in the fabric helps Crazy Arms fit like a second skin, allowing your child to get on with their chosen activities. The lightweight design also feels cool on the skin and is chlorine resistant—making them the perfect choice for kids who love to play in the pool! ellaslist Mum to twin boys, Grace, said her boys loved the fun dinosaur design, immediately enthusing "I can wear these to ride my bike and won't get hot, I'm wearing them to the beach today!"

Environmentally Conscious

If it’s one thing we can be super proud of our kids’ generation for, it’s how seriously they care for the environment. We think they'd be stoked to hear that Crazy Arms are made from Econyl®, a recycled nylon that comes from ghost fishing nets and other nylon waste. These nets, which are near invisible in the ocean light, can be left tangled on reefs or drifting in the open ocean harming fish, marine animals, and bird life.

One organisation, the Healthy Seas Initiative has given these nets a second life. They work with local fishermen to retrieve the nets and instead of sending them to landfill, they partner with a textiles company who use them to produce recycled nylon. This recycled material then goes into environmentally-conscious products, like Crazy Arms! With each purchase of the Dolphin Arm Sleeves, Crazy Arms donates $2.50 to the Healthy Seas initiative. Hear hear!

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