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With another lockdown in full swing, it's perhaps no surprise we're searching for the best food delivery in Sydney.

But the days of calling up your local pizza joint and asking them to swing by with a margarita are over. 

Today, there are so many ways to order food online. So to help you out, we’ve rounded up our favourite food delivery apps that not only serve delicious eats but contactless delivery. Let's go...

1. Menulog

The Best Food delivery Sydney
From quirky cuisines to comfort favourites, Menulog certainly isn't short of options for your next feed!

Australia’s widest-reaching delivery service, Menulog reaches a whopping 90% of Australian households through more than 30,000 restaurants and over 70 different cuisines. So whether you’re wanting to go out on a limb and try something new or stick to your usual favourites, Menulog is the #1 food delivery app for Sydneysiders.

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2. Uber Eats

Paid for from the same account you set up for ride-sharing, Uber Eats offer an (understandably) strong tracking service for their food—meaning you can keep a watchful eye over your meal from the second your order is received to the minute it arrives at your door.

Uber Eats also have options for grocery delivery options, so you can pick up little bits and bobs from local convenience stores as well as honking great takeaways!

3. Hey You

While delivery is preferable, we can still collect takeaway from our favourite coffee purveyors; meaning Hey You is as valuable now as ever!

The most popular coffee ordering app in Australia, Hey You allows you to discover local cafes, browse their menus and place an order by paying in advance. All that’s left for you to do is stroll along to your local cafe, don a mask, grab your coffee (and almond croissant of course—now is not the time to be denying ourselves treats!), and head home again. Easy peasy.

4. DoorDash

Ready and raring to deliver, DoorDash has all of your hungry needs covered.

A newcomer to the food delivery scene in Sydney but offering all the bells and whistles of its more established counterparts, DoorDash offered an efficient delivery service, plenty of ever-changing daily and weekly offers, plus an easily searchable layout that gets you to the type of food you want, quickly.

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