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I’m constantly on the lookout for new and exciting places to take my children throughout the week and during the school holidays. My criterion is simple: something that will keep my youngsters excited and wanting more. An activity that will burn a whole load of energy and any left in reserves. Most recently, I’ve added something else to my criterion: achieving a goal or learning a skill - something that my kids can work towards, achieve, and be proud of. Today, my littlest love achieved this at KinderGym at Evolve Gymnastics.

A Family-Run Gymnastics Centre

Evolve Gymnastics, based in Rouse Hill, is one of Gymnastics NSW's 220 clubs across NSW. A family-run gymnastics centre, it offers specially designed programs for babies (Baby Gym) all the way through to Advanced Gymnastics, as well as a plethora of other programs on offer for adults, acrobatics for dancers, plus loads more.

It's a rarity, in my experience, to find a place that meets all of the requirements for the whole family, and I found Evolve Gymnastics to tick so many boxes. Whether you're a beginner gymnast, highly advanced on the pole, or just plain curious, there's something for all skill levels and all ages at Gymnastics NSW.

Gymnastics Programs 

Evolve Gymnastics Rouse Hill
Mr 18-month-old looked like a natural - eventually!

Baby Gym

Each Gymnastics Program is designed to cater to each child's developmental stage and their needs at that time. For instance, the Baby Gym Program focuses on brain development, balance, and fine motor skills, so essentially, an infrastructure for now and a starting point to build upon. 


Evolve Gymnastics Rouse Hill
Run, jump, climb - where do I start?!

KinderGym is perfect for kiddies between the ages of 1 to 4 years. My 18-month-old loved his little preview KinderGym class at Evolve Gymnastics! This program focused on building his fine motor skills. The structural routine of the program is kept the same as older classes, but the activities change for their little bodies. The first 15 minutes encouraged youngsters to get out and about and play/discover anything and everything that the gymnasium has to offer - this is a sensory wonderland! And don't worry about your little one venturing out on their own - everything at KinderGym is child-proof! They've got soft mattresses, foam edges, and soft/bouncy floors, so no hard landings. The kids just have a ball! 

Each week, a different apparatus is used to focus on specific skills and allow kids to have a new experience. This week, it was the balance beam moved at different heights for the little ones to conquer. 

A portion of Evolve's KinderGym Program also incorporates mat time activities with lots of singing, music and interactive play. The kids got to use finger puppets to build up their gross motor skills, and my kids’ favourite: a bubble machine!

Evolve Gymnastics Rouse Hill
The little ones were so excited with the rainbow parachute!

I particularly loved our Gymnastics NSW experience because each child was at a different developmental stage - physically and mentally - and that didn't matter. My child started by refusing to participate because he was in that tantrum stage. Still, eventually, he noticed that all the others were having such a great time and, by the end, any apprehension or shyness he may have had was gone!

Gymnastics for the Older Kids

Today was designed for my little 18-month-old to get the most out of Gymnastics NSW's KinderGym class, but I'd be so excited to explore the long list of other gymnastics programs on offer if I had older kids. If you've got older kids, preteens and teenagers, check out other gymnastics programs at Gymnastics NSW.

A Special Mention

Evolve Gymnastics Rouse Hill
It was high-fives and new friendships by the end.

I want to make a special mention of the professional staff members at Evolve who smiled, were never fazed by little hiccups or tantrums, and never gave up on our little gymnasts. I also couldn't believe how easily they matched the energy levels of any precocious youngster!

We left Evolve having made new friends, learning plenty of techniques to practice at home, and, yes, within moments, my kiddie had fallen asleep in the car. Mission accomplished.

If you've got a little one who's keen to learn about the exciting world of gymnastics, I highly recommend booking them into KinderGym.

Visit Gymnastics NSW for more information about KinderGym classes in Sydney.

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