Everything You Need to Know About The Cookie Diet

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As if the world didn’t feel topsy turvy enough right now, the latest fad to grace our shores is The Cookie Diet .

And it’s just as the name would suggest, with the Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet consisting of supplementing your diet with a special cookie nine times a day.

The unusual diet has garnered rave reviews over the years, with many claiming to lose between five to seven kilograms a month.

It’s hardly new, with the diet first coming to life in Miami just over 70 years ago. But it’s enjoying a resurgence in 2021, likely the result of many us looking at ways to ditch the iso kilos.

So we’d thought we’d do a dive deep and share everything you need to know about The Cookie Diet.

What is The Cookie Diet?

While it might sound like something dreamt up by the Sesame Street team, The Cookie Diet or the Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet, is two-step diet programme that's believed to help you lose weight and then keep the weight off.

For first step is the weight-loss phase, in which you eat nine of Dr. Siegal’s cookies a day, spaced out every two hours.

Each cookie is 60 calories each, meaning that’s 500 calories in a day. Then in the evening you have a 500-700 calorie of real food.

The only exercise recommendation is 30 minutes of light walking three times a week.

Now, for phase two, you introduce three meals back into your diet with a cookie or two in between meals but no other snacks.

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The Cookie Diet
The Cookie Diet Is Said to Help People Lose up to Seven Kilos in a Month

Inside Dr. Siegal’s Cookie Diet 

Who is Dr. Siegal? 

Good question. He's the director of 14 weight loss clinics in Miami and believes that the cookie diet works because you never go hungry. To date, he says he's helped 1.5 million people lose weight with The Cookie Diet. But here's the thing: No one knows what's in the cookies, with Dr. Siegal stating each are specially formulated.

Does The Cookie Diet Work?

Well, in short The Cookie Diet does works when it comes to weight loss because it works on a calorie deficit. It’s also super convenient, as you order the cookies online and then your batch is sent directly to your door. You can order by the week or batch loads of up to six months.  But it isn't cheap, with one week costing $69.

What Are The Cons?

For one, dropping down to 1,000 to 1,200 calories a day from the average of 2,000 means your body loses muscle before fat. It’s a sure fire way to mess with your metabolism, meaning that when you go back to a diet without cookies (which will definitely happen) then you’ll likely put the weight back on and find it harder to shift it in future.

Secondly, let’s not overlook the fact that while Dr. Siegel has done a wonderful job at marketing his ‘special recipe’, the reality is that you’re still eating cookies instead of real whole foods which are much more beneficial to overall health.

Is The Cookie Diet Safe?

With all diets, it’s best to do plenty of research first. If you’ve any pre-existing medical conditions, talk to your doctor. And as always, common sense always rules.

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