Do You Really Know What You're Feeding Your Dog?

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Are you as pedantic about your fur-child’s diet as you are about your human child's? Do you try and give them the most nutritional food possible, packed with all the things they need to get them through the day with a bounty of energy and tail-wagging sustenance?

A recent study has found that a super-popular choice among health-conscious pup parents—raw meat pet food—can have high levels of bacteria that could pose serious health risks to your pooch.

Raw Meat Food A No Go

Researchers warn that raw meat food could present a health risk to not only your four-legged friend but also others in your house with a compromised immune system. That includes children, the elderly or anyone taking any immune system suppressant medication for a health condition. Scary, huh?

And, this isn’t the first time raw pet meat has been found to be contaminated with bacterial pathogens. The latest study looked at samples from 60 commercially available raw pet meat products in Europe. The Swedish researchers tested these samples in the laboratory for pathogens such as E. coli, Salmonella and Campylobacter, which can cause disease in both pets and people.

The worrisome results? All 60 samples were found to be contaminated with Enterobacteriaceae bacteria (the family to which E. coli belongs). Not great—and definitely enough to halt handling raw meat pet food in your home.

The Alternatives

In a time where pet food purchases seem a little bit scary, it’s good to know that there brands out there that strive to be transparent and honest about the food they make.

Scratch Pet Food aims to create food that gives everything your mate needs – and nothing they don’t. Amen to that!

Their premium kibble creates healthier skin, a shinier coat, a stronger immune system and is free from artificial preservatives, dodgy meats, and cheap ingredients. The food is also low GI and high in healthy fats for longer lasting energy without the 3 pm crash. What a resumé! 

Perfect for almost all ages and stages, this nutritionally-complete formula is crafted from whole ingredients from known sources, and the brand is committed to revealing exact percentages of their ingredients, using ethically-sourced meats with no added hormones and using 100% recyclable packaging. And the best news? It’s available to everyone—even those who don’t happen to live in a hipster bubble.

Delicious, Nutritious AND Convenient 

So you know how meal subscription services are all the rage these days? Scratch is essentially the same thing, for your dog. And let’s face it—it’s the least they deserve.

Scratch’s subscription service includes working out a feeding program for your pooch and using this data to work out when they’ll need a fresh box—which they’ll send on time. Of course, it’s a subscription that you can control—going on hols? Pause it. Nearly out? Speed it up. Pup not into it? You’ll get your money back.

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