Where To Find Animal Shelters & Rescues In Sydney & Melbourne

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Thinking of adding a furry friend to the family? Skip the pet shop and give an animal in need a place to call home instead - now that would be a true gift.

Many people ask, are rescue dogs free? No - but they're significantly cheaper than a pet shop dog, or a puppy from a backyard breeder (a few hundred dollars for a rescue dog versus up to a grand for a pet shop/backyard breeder pup) .  

If you're not quite ready to take on a pet but you or the kids are dog or cat-crazy, why not donate to, or volunteer with the family at one of these animal shelters and rescues instead? 

RSPCA, NSW & Victoria 

Source: RSPCA NSW Facebook 

CODID-19 Update: If you’re interested in adopting a specific animal from RSPCA NSW, fill out an adoption appointment request online and wait for the RSPCA team to get in touch. The adoption process will then be conducted over the phone. Please do not go to their shelters.

Over 32,121 "abandoned, neglected, sick and surrendered animals across the state" get help from RSPCA NSW every year - with 17 locations plus 25 volunteer branches state-wide. Providing them with shelter, love and medical attention, the RSPCA's mission is to encourage rescue pet adoption over pet shop purchases, and to raise animal cruelty awareness. In the last year, 14,169 NSW animals found their "forever homes" through the RSPCA, and 730 people put their hands up to provide foster care for an animal in need. More information here. 

Operating Animal Care Centres across Victoria, 20,000 animals receive refuge, care, and in the best cases, new families every year thanks to RSPCA Victoria. More information here. 

You can adopt a puppy or a dog through the RSPCA, and they will have had all of their health checks - along with been micro-chipped, and desexed, and with de-worming and vaccinations up-to-date. 

Animal Adoption, Sydney

Run by husband and Lee and Fiona Amiti, Animal Adoption's focus is on giving older dogs a second chance at a happy life, and stressing the perks of having an older dog instead of a puppy as a new pet to prospective owners (read: no toilet training!). Based in Llandilo (not far from Blacktown), all the dogs here are desexed, micro-chipped, de-wormed and vaccinated. More information here. 

Sydney Dogs & Cats Home

Image source: Sydney Dogs and Cats Home Facebook 

COVID-19 Update: Sadly, in the current environment, they are unable to welcome members of the community dropping in to view the pets in our care. You can however, start the process online and book in a time to pick up your new friend.

Sydney's only not-for-profit pound, Sydney Dogs & Cats Home "never place a time limit on any animal awaiting adoption," keeping them safe and sheltered for as long as need be - and striving to reunite lost pets with their owners. Since their establishment in 1946, they have rehomed over 200,000 animals, with 3,000 pets walking through their door in Carlton (Southern Sydney) each year.

Prior to adoption, all dogs will have been vet-checked, desexed, vaccinated, flea-treated, dewormed microchipped and lifetime registered with council. Sydney Dogs & Cats pride themselves on finding the perfect match so three-week trial adoptions are an option. More information here. 

Monika's Doggie Rescue, Sydney 

Image source: Monika's Doggie Rescue Facebook 

If you can't have a dog at home but are keen to give some dogs in need some love, head to Monika's Doggie Rescue! At its Ingleside shelter, families have the chance to walk the dogs here every Tuesday through Sunday from 11am to 2pm (weather permitting). There's a $10 one-of registration fee for all new adult walkers, and registration for children is FREE. More information here. 

Second Chance Animal Rescue Melbourne

Source: Second Chance Animal Rescue Facebook 

Founded in 2008 by vet nurse and shelter volunteer Marisa Debattista when she realised how few animal rescue resources there were, Second Chance has since accumulated hundreds of foster carers and volunteers. 2015 saw the opening of the Second Chance Animal Shelter in Campbellfield, and by the end of 2017, 8,000 animals' lives had been given a second chance at living through the charity.

Along with up-to date vaccinations, tick and flea treatments, desexing and micro-chipping, all dogs receive four socialisation and obedience classes as part of the adoption fee. More information here. 

Forever Friends Animal Rescue (FFAR) Melbourne

Fang (above), adopted through Forever Friends. Image source: FFAR Facebook 

COVID-19 Update: Due to the changing circumstances in relation to COVID-19 and a higher than usual number of applications, FFAR have currently ceased taking new foster care applications.

Having saved 550 animals' lives since they launched in 2011, Forever Friends employs 600 active volunteers: carers, transporters, trainers and behaviorists. Receiving no government funding, FFAR is all about "educating and raising awareness of responsible pet ownership, and the sad realities of puppy farms and backyard breeding." 

Rather than running a shelter, the Parkenham-based charity places their pets in foster homes - an opportunity to get to know each and every pet, figure out their needs and select the best adoptive home possible.

Each rescue pets dog undergoes temperament-testing, micro-chipping and desexing, and up-to-date vaccinations, flea and worm treatments. More information here. 

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