Coles’ Little Shop Has Been Extended!

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By: Rosie Stevens, ellaslist

Oh, Coles. As if there wasn’t enough initial backlash when you launched your super-cute-but-environmentally-ridiculous set of mini collectables, you’ve now gone and extended the end-date as well.

The supermarket giant’s miniaturised plastic replicas of thirty (yes, thirty!) household items like Vegemite, toothpaste, teabags and Nutella will now be available until the end of September, despite the initial end-point due to be the 28th August—giving customers (and their Little Shop-crazy kids) the opportunity to get their hands on the mini’s that they’re missing.

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Despite a national Swap Day, designed to help customers complete the set, Coles have decided to extend their collectable campaign—which will come as welcome news to fans, as complete sets are selling on eBay for between $300 and $1000. Yes, a thousand bucks! Plus postage! So many exclamation marks!

The consumer uproar that started as a result of Little Shop berated the supermarket for its contradictory stance on plastic waste; after they announced a ban on single-use plastic bags (then rescinded this ban for a month in order to appease grumbling customers who have decided that the destructive environmental impact of plastic bags isn’t y’know, their problem, but I digress) and a plastic-centric collectable campaign all at once.

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