Boat Harbour is Sydney❜s Secret 4WD Beach

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Get ready to kick your typical beach day up a notch because we've got the ultimate hack just one hour from the concrete jungle: a secret 4WD beach that's got everyone in Sydney talking.

Not to be confused with our Tassie neighbour with the same name, Boat Harbour is just a stone's throw away in Kurnell and is where the cool kids and their four-wheeled beasts converge on the sand. We know you're big fans of secret beaches, so you're going to want to add this little sweet spot to your weekend itinerary stat.

Boat Harbour is Sydney's Secret 4WD Beach 

Sydney's secret 4WD beach
Sydney's secret 4WD beach

Just an hour's drive from the CBD and hidden by the natural grandeur of Kamay Botany Bay National Park in Kurnell, Boat Harbour is a clutch escape from the urban sprawl. The under-the-radar gem that's part of Pimweli Rocks and Merries Reef is a haven where the ocean's critters play and the vibe is as chill as your favourite cocktail.

Secret Beaches in Sydney to Avoid the Crowds

Things to do at Boat Harbour

Boat Harbour Aquatic Reserve
Boat Harbour Aquatic Reserve

For the adventurers among us, Boat Harbour is the dream destination. Spearfishing? Check. Snorkelling? You bet. Four-wheel-driving? Yes-yes-yes! Or if you're all about that vitamin D, just find your spot and bask in the unrivalled beauty.

For all you Trail Snails, you can embark on the epic Botany Bay Coastal Walk. But be warned: this 13-kilometre journey isn't just a stroll; it's a full-on experience through hanging swamps and past the Cape Bailey lighthouse, ending up at the pooch-friendly Greenhills Beach. It's the perfect blend of exercise and sightseeing, featuring cameo appearances from local wildlife stars like the sooty oystercatcher and elusive rock lobsters.

And for those looking to dip more than just their toes in the water, the reserve is your oyster (figuratively, of course). Dive into the deep blue with a line or spear in hand, respecting the sanctuary's rules and the broader NSW fishing laws.

Four-Wheel-Driving at Boat Harbour

Boat Harbour
Toted as Sydney's secret 4WD beach.

Now before you lower your tyres, there are a few sneaky rules when it comes to four-wheel-driving at Boat Harbour.

First things first, you're going to want to swoop in at the crack of dawn. The gates swing open at 7 am on the dot, and unless you fancy waiting longer than a Sydney coffee line, be there early. Rolling out with your crew? Sync watches and head out in convoy; this beach doesn't hold places, and you're going to want to snag the prime real estate beside each other. Venture left for a cosy bay vibe, or veer right for the Sahara experience, minus the camels. 

And if you're not grilling, are you even beaching? Boat Harbour is the only beach in Sydney where you can set up your bbq right on the beach for all-day lunching and snacking.

An Exclusive Retreat With a Twist...

Now we should mention that, while Boat Harbour is a haven for all on most days, Sundays and public holidays from October to Easter hold an exclusive charm for season pass holders only, and, in some instances, by invitation only! We recommend anticipating high-demand days when the park becomes an invitation-only sanctuary, with entries decided by a lucky ballot.

Day and Season Passes

Step into this seaside sanctuary with daily passes available at $50 per car from Monday to Saturday, with the same welcoming price extending to Sundays and public holidays during the cooler April to September period. Opt for a deeper connection with nature with a 6-month season pass, available at $195 per vehicle, offering a journey through either the first or second half of the year, non-transferable for an intimate, personal experience with the beach.

Location & Opening Hours

Boat Harbour is located off Captain Cook Drive in Kurnell.

October to March - gates are open from 7 am to 5 pm Monday to Thursday, and close at 7 pm on Fridays, weekends and public holidays,

April to September - gates are open from 7 am to 4.45 pm every day.

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