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By: Alex Harmon, ellaslist 

You know you're an inner west mum when you're battling with your child over which cafe to visit based on their babycinno and coffee standards. Luckily, there are a few gems which cater to the mini hipster kid and also keep mum and dad happy. Bonus points are given for a play area to keep the kids buzzing while the parents get their buzz on. Here are our favourite kid-friendly inner west cafes...


1. Daisy's Milk Bar, Petersham

Give your kids the classic 1950s milk bar experience at this super cute cafe in Petersham (pictured above and main image). The waitstaff are super friendly and decked out in 50s attire with that rockabilly style and hand out a selection of fun toys from Seedling. The menu is a mix of classic and contemporary family favourites like gourmet jaffles, juicy burgers, decadent desserts and - just like Happy Days - a large selection of milkshakes. The little ones will love the mac n cheese from the kids menu which comes topped with crushed Twisties! And the "icing" on the cake for us is the inclusion of Fairy Bread - hello childhood memories! 
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2. Hide & Seek, Leichhardt 

A goldmine for families in the inner west, this cafe has a HUGE gated play area that you can sit in while you dine. The food is delicious, the coffee is great, and the babycinnos are cheap and come with marshmallows and sprinkles. They offer lots for families including birthday parties, music classes, messy play activities, and child minding while you get some work done with the free wifi. See what we thought of the cafe recently. 


3. The Grounds, Alexandria 

Families all over Sydney will happily make their way into the inner west for this institution! It's a kid-friendly cafe, it's a petting zoo, it's an Instagram icon. It is loved by everyone. Perhaps a little too much because it's super busy, especially on a weekend. But us Sydneysiders are like cattle as we keep returning and lining up for the delicious fresh produce, spectacular coffee and people watching. 
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4. Acre Eatery On Camperdown Commons

An urban farm, restaurant and cafe with a kids play area - this is a bit like the Grounds, but without the crowds! The onsite farm provides a lot of the produce and you can choose between breakfast in the Garden Terrace, lunch or dinner in Acre Eatery or sit out on the deck and soak up some sun with friends. Families will usually grab a coffee and a light snack from the Container Cafe and make their way to the outdoor play area complete with community library. Or for those with kids who are serious foodies, Acre serves up dishes of the highest quality like potato gnocchi and sustainable fish and chips! Also check out the Pocket City Farms chicken coop - with some feathery friends that were rescued by from a cage egg factory farm. 
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5. Wicks Park, Marrickville  

An industrial chic cafe for the hipster parents who love their Double Roasters coffee and their babycinnos free! This cafe serves up delicious food and includes a kids menu that makes the adults jealous - think French toast with banana and ice cream for $7. The friendly staff also offer toys, pencils and colouring in books to keep the littles amused while you dine. Or grab some takeaways and sit in the park across the road. 
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6. 1989, Newtown

This awesome cafe is for the kids - and the big kids at heart! 1989 has wall to wall arcade games from the 80s that Dads will remember, like Street Fighter 2 or Space Invaders, and as the name suggests, and every board game from your childhood that you could think of. It's nostalgic to the max, there's even a VHS player with a stack of video tapes you'd recognise from the glory days, like Karate Kid and the Lion King. Kids will love munching on cheeseburgers and Coco Pops - and if they rack up a high score on the arcade games, they'll win you a free coffee! 
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7. Gather On The Green, Camperdown

Overlooking Camperdown Oval, this is a favourite amongst mother's groups, locals and just anyone who appreciates fair trade coffee and ethically sourced food. What parents especially love is that you can get table service from a nearby park bench or from one of the picnic rugs the cafe supplies. We wish all cafes would do this! There's also colouring supplies for kids, tempting muffins (check out that picture!) - and if you're cold you can ask for a blanket to curl up in. This is the comfiest place to dine outside of your own house.
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