Bali Plans To Reopen Borders By October

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When it comes to getting more bang for your holiday buck, you can’t beat Bali. A favourite destination for Aussie holidaymakers, the Indonesian island is only hours away and promises a whole new world of stunning sunsets, luxury villas and beachside day clubs. 


The COVID-19 crisis has had a debilitating effect on the Indonesian economy, which relies heavily on tourist dollars, and foreign tourist arrivals fell by more than 60 per cent in March.

It was hit hard by early predictions that the country was doomed for full-blown disaster, however Bali, the country’s golden child, is reporting a much lower fatality rate than the rest of the archipelago. Bali has most recently reported 343 coronavirus cases and four deaths, a fraction of the fatality rate of the rest of the region which has suffered 16,496 cases and 1076 deaths.

Bali Resort

Due to its success controlling the outbreak, tropical holiday hotspot could reopen to tourists as early as October. If the curve continues to flatten, the Tourism Ministry will endeavour to revitalise and promote key destinations, including Bali, between June and October.

“Considering that Bali is a major tourist destination, it is necessary to take immediate and prompt steps to restore travel to the island and all key destinations in the country.” Ni Wayan Giri Adnyani, Secretary to the Ministry, has said.

While this is great news for the tourist mecca, don’t book your tickets yet! Strict Australian restrictions could mean we are at the mercy of our own border control, with reports that international travel could remain off-limits until 2023. 

Beaches Now Open To Heartbroken Surfers

Meanwhile, if you happen to be stranded in Bali (lucky you) and you're a surfer, take note that the government feels really sorry for you. Foreign surfers (but not locals) in Bali are now allowed back in the water at Canggu and Padang Padang, in the Canggu and Uluwatu areas. Kuta Beach is still closed. 

Officials say they made the decision because they didn’t want surfers sneaking through bushes to avoid the beach barricades and getting bitten by snakes.

“We just feel pity for them, staying in Bali but they can’t go to a beach. They feel dizzy, a little bit stressed,” Badung Tourism Agency chief, Made Badra, told

“We want to make sure that all foreigners that still stay in Bali are happy being in Bali.”

Oh so nice! Now let the rest of back in! Safely, of course... 

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