Awesome Lunch Box Idea...From Dad!

  • All Ages

By: Phoebe Ackland, ellaslist

We think we know a few little Bob-The-Builder lovers who'd just love taking this lunchbox with them to school each day....Check out this dad's crafty solution to the problem he created by losing his son's lunchbox. Disaster averted. 

Source: LadBaby

More Lunchbox Loving

Has he just gone and revolutionised the lunch box industry? With a heap of compartments, it allows for variety, separating different items, and makes the experience of eating a fun one...what child would return a lunchbox like this uneaten at the end of the school day?! 

Maybe if it came in a toolbox, there wouldn't be so much lunchbox shaming: did you know, at a Sydney primary school recently, a mum was reprimanded for packing a packet of sultanas in her child's lunchbox?! Read more about that drama here. 

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