Super-Fun Ways to Spend Valentine‚Ěús Day with Your Family

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Valentine's Day is the pinnacle of romance, but for many families with children, a night out on the town may not be in the cards. Don't worry--you can still make Valentine's Day special! 

Instead of going out to dinner or sending flowers, why not spend quality time with your family and enjoy some sweet activities tailored especially for you? 

Celebrating Valentine's Day with the family you've made together is just as fun and meaningful. Wake up early for breakfast in bed (optional!), and look forward to a memorable day!

Super-Fun Ways to Spend Valentine's Day with Your Family

1. Brunch In Bed At Home

Valentine's Day Family Breakfast in Bed
We *might* be aiming a bit high here—but something along these lines would work wonderfully...


Not a fan of crumbs in the bed? Let's make romantic breakfasts a family affair! 

Set the table with all your pink, red and white crockery, pick some blooms from the garden to dot about the place in jars and set out a family feast. Do toad in the hole (where the hole is cut out with a heart-shaped biscuit cutter), flaky croissants with good berry jam, coffee mandatory, of course, and a profusion of fresh fruit. Bonus points for ruby-red coloured cranberry or pomegranate drinks for the kids and perhaps a Bloody Mary for the grownups. Cheers!

2. Get The Board Games Out

Valentine's Day family boardgame
It might not be the romance of pre-kids life—but there's so much fun to be had in a family board game marathon! Image: MyKids Time.


You may not be heading out for a romantic one-on-one date with your partner, but new memories are being made over the family table anyway. Get out all the board games you have—yes, even Connect 4—and set up a couple of round robins to determine who will be the Valentine's Day board game champion. It's a fun way of spending time together (unless the kids (or the grown-ups!) are sore losers...) in a situation just a little way out from the everyday. 

3. Family Crafts

Family Crafts Things To Do Valentine's Day
Valentine's Day and home-made crafts go hand in hand—it's the perfect family activity to keep everyone occupied and having fun!

For all of the glitter and glue enthusiasts out there—grab the craft box and set the kids to work, making cards and Valentine's crafts for their favourite people. 

Brush up on your skills with some incredible creations from everyday household objects, or adapt these simple paper crafts to more love-themed art.

4. Recreate Your First Date

Family Day Out Spending Valentine's Day with family
Take it back to where it all began and let your little know how their parents first met!


Hot air balloon? Seedy nightclub? Local cafe? A chance meeting on a train platform? Go back to where it all started with your mini-mes and tell them your very own love story, or recreate a kid-friendly environment at home where you can all get in on the fun. Nightclubs can be a fancy drink with a pumping lounge-room playlist, fancy restaurants can be right inside your kitchen with your best linen, or take a picnic on the foreshore where you took your first stroll. 

5. Family Film Night

Family Movie Night Valentine's Day
Enjoy a relaxing family night in for Valentine's Day this year with an epic movie night in with all of the family favourites!


Going out to the movies with your crew can be an expensive exercise (though OF COURSE, we have tips on how to do it on the cheap here), so why not make your own theatre? Buy or borrow a projector or set your TV up just like the big screen. Grab all your cushions and bean bags, pop some popcorn.

6. Picnic Dinner At Home


Family Picnic Valentine's Day
An at-home picnic is a great way to get everyone involved in a fun, lowkey way. Image: The Spruce Eats

Why not turn your lounge or back yard into the ultimate outdoor venue? There's no table manners to care about, no dropping food on the floor, annoying other patrons, steep dinner bills, or sub-par kids menus to contend with - just good food, a comfy blanket, and each other.

7. Turn Your House Into A Restaurant

Kids at home restaurant for valentines day
An at-home restaurant is a perfect solution to involve everyone on Valentine's Day this year!  Image:


Want to turn up the fancy? Get out all the best china and cutlery, the real crystal glasses you drank out of every night before the kids arrived, and light some candles. Have the kids decorate place names and learn to fold napkins. Order out and plate it for presentation at the table or rope the children into creating culinary wonders in the kitchen. Dispatch older kids to design and take menu orders, serve good champagne (for the adults, obviously), and showcase your best etiquette as you celebrate the holiday of love with the ones you love.

8. Family Baking Session

Family Valentines Baking
An activity AND a guarantee of after-dinner dessert? Valentine's Day baking is sure to be a hit with the family!


You should absolutely get everyone in the kitchen for a baking session at some point during the day and eat the proceeds like a party. We've got a fantastic recipe for Valentine's Day chocolates that are actually good for you or a super-simple choc chip cookie recipe (you can swap the choc chips for red M&Ms).

Go forth and romance!

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