The Best Chocolate Cafes in Melbourne

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Melbourne is home to some outrageously special spots to get your chocolate fix. Whether you're into dark, milk, white, ones with centres, ones without, in drinks, on spoons, or any other way you fancy, you'll find exactly what you crave in every nook, cranny, and cobbled laneway at the best chocolate cafes in Melbourne.

Here, we've uncovered where to find the best magical, mysterious chocolate spots, in no particular order.

The Best Chocolate Cafes in Melbourne

1. Monsieur Truffe

Chocolate cafes in Melbourne
Monsieur Truffe chocolate cafe in Melbourne.

Tucked away inside East Brunswick lies Monsieur Truffe, the insanely delicious and decadent chocolatier, who also furnishes a cafe (East Elevation) with chocolatey treats. 

Championing bean-to-bar chocolates since way back in 2006, at Monsieur Truffe you can grab single-origin, specialty flavours, like berries and cream, coconut, honeycomb, caramel specks, roasted hazelnut, chai and pistachio, as well as hot chocolates and seasonal goodies. 

The East Elevation menu also features a Monsieur Truffe hot chocolate list – the salted caramel is utterly divine.

Location: 351 Lygon St, Brunswick

2. Theobroma Chocolate Lounge

Theobroma Chocolate Lounge
Image: Theobroma Chocolate Lounge Southern Cross Station Facebook

You know when a company tries to take on the coffee crowd, they're going to give it everything. When the folk at Theobroma realised there was a demand for something other than the caffeine bean, they decided to take it to the next level and bring top-quality chocolate experiences to the people.

You'll find crispy Belgian waffles smothered in thick melted chocolate on their extensive menu, as well as truffles, fondue, pancakes, gift boxes, hot and cold drinks, coffee, cakes and fruit – and each location,  has its own food menu for breakfast and lunch.

Locations: Cranbourne Park, Dandenong, Fountain Gate, Northland, Southern Cross, Tooronga and Southland

3. Mörk Chocolate Brew House

Chocolate in Melbourne
Mörk serves specialty hot chocolate in Melbourne.

Home of what we at ellaslist Melbourne call "The Ultimate Hot Chocolate", Mörk Chocolate Brew House should 100 per cent be on any chocolate lover's list.

Their drinks are theatrical, surreal and delicious (the campfire hot chocolate is what you're looking for!), and handcrafted from the finest dark chocolate by Cacao Artisans of Melbourne. Made with specially sourced cocoa powder, pure 100 per cent chocolate liquor and coconut blossom sugar, they're guaranteed to blow your mind.

For chunky blocks of goodness, check out their Mörk Original Dark 70%, Mörk Even Darker 85%, Mörk Dark Milk & River Salt 65% and LuxBite Salted Caramel & Mörk – Special Edition.

Location: 150 Errol Street, North Melbourne

4. Chokolait

Image: Chokolait Facebook

With the philosophy of "making the finest genuine Belgian couverture chocolates, handcrafted cakes and desserts, and premium quality beverages", you might assume that all your chocolate dreams have come true at Chokolait's Emporium 'Chocolate Salon' –  and you'd be right!

The aim is perfection and the menu reflects that in scrumptious, elegant treats including Belgian chocolate mousse with white chocolate cream, edible hot chocolate, mud cake, brownies, chef's tasting plate and even cakes, fruit and ice cream. For ultra family fun, try the rich, creamy, indulgent chocolate fondue!

Location: Level 3, Emporium, 287 Lonsdale Street, Melbourne 

5. Cacao Fine Chocolate and Patisserie

It was a sad day when Cacao moved business solely online, as they make the finest macarons, cakes, pastries and, of course, chocolates. But not to worry, you can still get the delicious wares delivered to your door and from select physical stockists. Cacao still has everyone's favourite traditional flavours, or you could branch out into delights, such as burnt orange, gianduja, mandarin, passionfruit, rose, yuzu, and miso caramel.

Hero Image: Monsieur Truffle

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