The Best Things To Do In Sydney For Families This Weekend

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You know how weekends can be a mixed bag, right? One minute you're the "World's Best Parent," and the next, you're scrambling to find something—anything—to keep the kiddos entertained. Well, guess what? Experience Oz is here to turn chaos into cherished memories this weekend.

Why Experience Oz is Your New BFF for Weekend Fun

Experience Oz is like that friend who always knows where the fun's at. With a sprinkle of magic from Experience Oz and a dash of love from ellaslist, we've whipped up a list of activities that are just the right fit for every age. So, whether it's toddlers or teens, we've got something that'll make them smile. Ready to be the weekend hero? Let's do this!

Your Ultimate Summer Guide with Experience Oz

Experience Oz and ellaslist have joined forces to bring you an unparalleled selection of summer activities. Whether you're seeking thrilling adventures or serene escapes, our handpicked guide ensures unforgettable moments for every family. Dive into our treasure trove of fun and let your summer story begin!

1. Scenic Pass in Blue Mountains

Scenic Pass in Blue Mountains
Scenic Pass in Blue Mountains

Set off on an enchanting family escapade in the Blue Mountains with the all-encompassing Scenic Pass, your golden ticket to a treasure trove of awe-inspiring experiences. 

Imagine the little ones' eyes lighting up as you soar through the skies on the Scenic Skyway, with the majestic Katoomba Falls and the iconic Three Sisters painting a perfect panorama for those priceless family selfies. Then, whoosh down into the lush embrace of the ancient rainforest aboard the world's steepest railway, turning every gasp into giggles and every moment into a memory.

The adventure doesn't stop there! Wander along the accessible rainforest boardwalk, a wonderland where every step leads to discoveries and whispers of the wild. And for that grand finale? Glide gently back to the top on the Scenic Cableway, soaking in the breathtaking views and the shared family joy.

Location: Blue Mountains, NSW
Best Time to Visit: Morning for misty views, afternoon for clear skies
Age Group: All ages
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2. Sydney Tower Eye

Sydney Eye Tower
Sydney Tower Eye

Step into the clouds and sprinkle your family's day with a touch of sky-high magic at the Sydney Tower Eye. This beacon in the sky is not just the tallest structure in the city but a window to 360-degree views that stretch up to 80km, wrapping Sydney's iconic landmarks, from the bustling Darling Harbour to the majestic Harbour Bridge, in a panorama of wonder. 

As you stand 250 meters above the streets, watch your little ones' faces light up with joy and curiosity, spotting the famous sights or getting swept up in the beauty of a sunset that paints the city in hues of gold.

But hold onto your hats because the adventure skyrockets with the SKYWALK! It's Sydney's highest outdoor playground, and yes, you're walking on air, 268 meters high, with the city humming directly beneath your feet. 

Peep through the glass floor viewing platform for a thrill that tingles in your toes, or circle the tower with our friendly guides who turn every point and skyline story into an engaging chapter of your Sydney tale.

Location: Sydney CBD, NSW
Best Time to Visit: Sunset for breathtaking views
What to Bring: Camera for stunning panoramic shots
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3. Sydney 2 Attractions Pass

Sydney Attractions Pass
2 Sydney Attractions Pass


Dive into a duo of delights with the Sydney Attractions Pass; your all-access pass to double the fun at a single price! Perfect for families craving adventure and awe, this pass is your golden ticket to two of Sydney's top attractions: SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, WILD LIFE Sydney, Sydney Tower Eye, and Madame Tussauds Sydney. And with a hot deal that's a bestseller, you're signing up for a thrilling and thrifty experience!

The beauty of this pass? Flexibility is at your fingertips. Start your journey at SEA LIFE Sydney Aquarium, where the mysteries of the deep unfold before your eyes, from majestic sharks to playful penguins. 

Then, choose your next adventure:

  • Meet your favourite celebrities waxed to perfection at Madame Tussauds.
  • Gaze over the city from the dizzying heights of Sydney Tower Eye.
  • Get up close with Australia's beloved wildlife at WILD LIFE Sydney.

And don't rush; you have 60 days to use your second pass, ensuring your Sydney saga unfolds just how you like it.

Tailored for families on the go, these attractions are stroller-friendly and a stone's throw away from each other, making your day smooth and fuss-free. 

Want to know more? Read our editor Holly's review of the experience here.

Location: Darling Harbour, Sydney
Age Group: Suitable for all ages
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4. Taronga Zoo

Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo


Taronga Zoo Sydney, nestled by the breathtaking Sydney Harbour, is home to over 5,000 animals from 350 species. Here, you can witness various wildlife, from majestic lions and giraffes in the African Savannah to native Australian animals like koalas and kangaroos. 

Located at Bradleys Head Rd, Mosman, the zoo offers close encounters with wildlife and panoramic views of iconic landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, making it a must-visit destination in the city for all families.

Location: Mosman, NSW
Best Time to Visit: Early morning to catch feeding times
Age Group: Ideal for all ages
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5. Harbour Jetboating

Harbour Jetboating
Harbour Jetboating

Embark on the Sydney Harbour Jet Boat Ride for a dynamic blend of high-speed marine adventure and urban sightseeing. Over a thrilling 30 minutes, feel the rush of the jet boat's power as you experience heart-racing maneuvers - sideways slides, fishtails, and abrupt power-brake stops, all while Sydney's iconic landmarks form a majestic panorama around you.

Navigate through the waters at exhilarating speeds, with the Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the distant gaze of animals from Taronga Zoo as your ever-changing backdrop. The ride offers an engaging way to witness the city's beauty, combining the thrill of speed with the charm of Sydney Harbour's scenic vistas. It's an unmissable adventure for those looking to add an energetic twist to their Sydney exploration.

Location: Sydney Harbour, NSW
What to Bring: Waterproof jacket and spare clothes
Age Group: Ages 8 and up (height restrictions may apply)
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6. Western Sydney Treetop

Western Sydney Treetop
Western Sydney Treetop


Treetops Adventure Western Sydney provides an exhilarating outdoor experience perfect for families seeking adventure and fun.

With over 100 challenges and 20 flying foxes designed for all ages, the park caters to everyone, from thrill-seeking teenagers to younger kids, with specially crafted courses. Set in the natural beauty of Western Sydney Parklands, it's an adventure and an opportunity for families to bond, challenge themselves, and build confidence together in a safe, eco-friendly environment.

The park's array of courses, from easy to challenging, ensures that everyone, regardless of their fitness or confidence level, leaves with a sense of achievement.

Location: Western Sydney, NSW
Best Time to Visit: Morning or late afternoon to avoid the heat
Age Group: Suitable for ages 3 and up
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7. Hop on Hop off Bus 

Hop on Hop off BusĀ 
Hop on Hop off Bus Tours


The Big Bus Sydney and Bondi Hop-on Hop-off Tour presents a delightful and flexible way for families to explore the vibrant city of Sydney. 

With the convenience of two scenic routes, the City Tour and the Bondi and Bays Tour, families can effortlessly navigate through Sydney's famous landmarks, including the Sydney Opera House, Harbour Bridge, and the picturesque Bondi Beach. 

The tour's structure allows for a personalised experience; you can hop off to explore attractions that pique your family's interest and hop back on when you're ready for the next stop. The multilingual commentary ensures that visitors from various backgrounds can enjoy insightful narratives about the city's rich history and culture, making it an educational journey for kids and adults.

Want more? See our writer Tully's review of the experience

Location: Various Locations, Sydney
Best Time to Visit: Anytime, buses run throughout the day
What to Bring: Sunscreen, hat, and comfortable walking shoes
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8. Home and Away Tour

Home and Away Tours
Home and Away Location Tours

The Location Tours to Home and Away offer a unique experience for families and fans of the iconic show. Embark on a guided tour through the picturesque Summer Bay and surrounding areas, with the exclusive opportunity to meet a high-profile actor from the series. It's a chance to explore the scenic filming locations and interact, take photos, and gather autographs, making it a memorable day for the entire family.

The tour provides insights into the filming process. It absorbs you in the show's world, allowing countless iconic photo opportunities and a chance to connect with the Home and Away community. Set off from Sydney for a day of exploration, storytelling, and star-studded encounters, concluding with the beautiful backdrop of Manly Beach.

Location: Sydney, NSW
Best Time to Visit: Afternoon for the best lighting for photos
Age Group: Fans of all ages
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9. Sunset Kayak

Sunset Kayak Tours
Sunset Kayaking Session on Sydney Harbour


Embark on a captivating Sunset Kayaking Session on Sydney Harbour, a serene yet exhilarating way to witness the city's iconic skyline as it's bathed in the hues of twilight. This 90-minute tour is about paddling through the sparkling waters and capturing the essence of Sydney from a unique vantage point. The kayaks, equipped with LED lights, create a magical ambience, guiding your way as the sun dips below the horizon.

The friendly guides ensure a safe and enjoyable experience, perfect for all skill levels, offering an induction session and all the necessary gear. Gliding past landmarks like the Sydney Opera House and Harbour Bridge, the sunset paints a breathtaking backdrop, providing unmatched photo opportunities.

 It's a memorable adventure, ideal for families, couples, or anyone looking to add a touch of magic to their Sydney visit.

Location: Sydney Harbour, NSW
Best Time to Visit: 1 hour before sunset for the best experience
What to Bring: Waterproof bag for personal items
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