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Founded in 1999, Aerialize: Sydney Aerial Theatre is a leading aerial and circus arts training centre and performance company in Canterbury in Sydney’s inner west.

Aerialize runs a variety of courses that are fun and challenging in a safe and comfortable environment for children and teens of all ages and abilities, from as young as 2yrs!

KIDS CLASSES (during school terms):

Kids Beginner Circus (5-12 years)
1.5 Hours

This class is for all primary school aged children from 5-ish and up. If we get more than 7 enrolling, we will break the class into two groups based on age and skill level. The class covers the basics of all ground and aerial skills. The perfect starting point for kids who want to work toward developing circus skills, and for those wanting a fun alternative to traditional weekend sport.

Acro-balance & acrobatics – Acrobatics focuses on, using the mini-tramp, handstands and individually based acro skills (cartwheels, rolls, walkovers, etc..) and acrobalance works on balancing in pair and group combinations (group pyramids). Juggling, hula hoops, devil sticks, diablo, games and activities.

Aerials & tight rope – Climb the tissu, hang upside down from a trapeze and balance along a thin piece of wire. The main aerials involved will include lyra (aerial hoop), static trapeze and tissue (silks).

Kids Intermediate/Advanced Circus (7-12 years)
1.5 Hours

This class is for students who have developed strength and flexibility and a good understanding of aerials & acrobatics in the beginner’s course and are deemed by the instructors ready for the next level.

Teens Circus (12-18 years)
1.5 Hours

New skills, and great fun! For teens who are new to circus or travelling up from the kids classes. You’ll have the opportunity to learn ground skills such as hula hoops, acrobalance, tumbling, juggling, and more. A large emphasis is also given to aerial skills such as trapeze, aerial ring and tissu.

To read more about or book into any of these classes, click here.

School holidays can be pretty darn boring. With no homework to keep you busy, what on earth will you do with yourself? Our week-long workshops are a whole lot of fun!

Run away with the circus for a week, with warm-ups and stretching, hula hoops, juggling, acrobatics, acrobalance, mini tramp, trapeze, aerial ring and tissu. This 5 day course is aimed at children and teens of all abilities. From the timid to the most athletic, this is a great introduction to a large variety of circus skills. Work towards putting all your skills together for a performance on the Friday for family and friends.

School holiday workshops run over the Summer, Autumn, Winter and Spring School Holidays.

What better way to celebrate your birthday than by spending a day at the circus and actually being able to join in!! It’s a definite must for all circus and jungle gym lovers out there whether you currently learn circus skills, have just watched the magic of the circus or you just love to climb on stuff this is the party for you! We can offer you a wide range of apparatuses to be apart of on your special day. Feel free to make it your own and select just aerials or just aerials or a mix of each, make the day yours and tell us what you want.

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Mariah Muddle

Mar 10 2017

hey just wondering if you had an all day workshop for a bunch of vacation care kids aged between 5-12 for about 15children what I need to know is pricing for each child, and the days I have available are Tuesday 11th april, Thursday 13th, Wednesday 19th, Thursday 20th or Friday 21st. if you can email me on [email protected] thank you.