Sky Symphony: Experience the Magic of the Yarra

  • Wed Oct 11 - Sun Oct 15 2023
  • All Ages
  • FREE
Illuminate your October nights with Sky Symphony, a free sound and light installation over the Yarra. Experience symphonic sounds paired with dazzling lights from 11 to 15 October.

Dive into a mesmerising world where symphonic sounds meet dazzling lights this October. Sky Symphony, a free digital art installation, is set to illuminate the skies above Birrarung.

From 11 October to 15 October, the Yarra will transform post 8 pm, offering a harmonious blend of sound and light for five enchanting nights. This captivating installation is a collaboration between audio composer Shaun Rigney and the renowned light and sound experts, LASERVISION.

Sky Symphony beautifully marries Rigney's masterpiece, Portraits of the Air, with a breathtaking display of lasers, lights, water jets, and state-of-the-art projection. This symphony, recorded with Orchestra Victoria and conducted by Nicholas Buc, finds its visual counterpart in the radiant displays crafted by LASERVISION.

Rigney shares his inspiration, stating, "I was captivated by LASERVISION's astounding shows that projected lasers onto water screens. Realising our images are crafted from light, air, and water, and seeing LASERVISION's expertise in these elements, sparked the idea for Sky Symphony."

Each presentation of Sky Symphony lasts 12 minutes and will loop every 20 minutes from 8 pm to 10:40 pm. For an optimal viewing experience, head to the eastern end of Yarra Promenade, near Queens Bridge.

Supported by the Melbourne City Revitalisation Fund, Sky Symphony is an initiative to rejuvenate the city's night-time economy, offering a mesmerising after-dark activity for all. Don't miss out on this magical experience!

Where:    Eastern end of Yarra Promenade
When:     11 October - 15 October, 8 pm - 10:40 pm
Cost:       FREE

Want more information? Head to the Sky Symphony website today.

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