15 Waterfalls Near Melbourne to Discover Nature‚Ěús Marvels

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When a plain body of water just won't do, the next best thing is visiting magical waterfalls near Melbourne.

Our stunning city is full of incredible waterfalls, many of them within just an hour's drive from the city and many of them more than 100 metres high! So pack your swimmers, enjoy the drive and get ready to ogle at - and maybe even go for a swim under! - these magnificent waterfalls.

15 Waterfalls Near Melbourne to Discover Nature's Marvels

1. Steavenson Falls

The best waterfalls near Melbourne
Steavenson Falls

To witness one of the most famous waterfalls near Melbourne, head out to Marysville, in the Murrindindi region, and you'll find the Steavenson Falls, a huge 122-metre, five-cascade sheet of water—and deservedly famous for it!

Take a trip to the viewing platform either above (which stretches across the river) or below, which is about a 350-metre walk through the towering eucalypts.

There are quite a few tracks around if you'd like to make a day of it, and even a turbine to check out which generates the lights throughout. If you're lucky (and you get there early enough), you might even spot a lyrebird from time to time. 

Location: Falls Rd, Marysville

2. Olinda Falls

Olinda Falls
Olinda Falls

Surrounded by misty green fern forests and ginormously tall trees, a visit to Olinda Falls feels like you're a million miles away from the CBD. 

These waterfalls near Melbourne are not only incredible to look at but also a great place to stop off for a picnic to really make the most out of your day in nature. Great for kids, the walk there is relatively short, (about 10-15 minutes) and is shaded the whole way.

If everyone's feeling sprightly, there are extensive walks to take around the waterfall area, with the waterfall itself only 1km return, and up to 14 km round trips. The Olinda Falls Reserve has running water, toilets, and plenty of shade.

Location: Dandenong Ranges National Park

3. Sheoak Falls

Sheoak Falls
Sheoak Falls

Just a scenic two-hour drive from the city, Sheoak Falls is a must-visit for families looking to experience the great outdoors without too much of a challenge.

The path to the falls is an easy trek, perfect for little legs and beginner hikers. Wander through coastal woodlands and witness the creative artistry of nature. If the kids are up for more adventures, extend your walk to Swallow Cave and watch the delightful Tree Martins in action. It’s an outdoor classroom they’ll adore!

Location: Great Ocean Rd, Lorne

4. Trentham Falls

Trentham Falls
The gushing Trentham Falls. Image source: Visit Victoria.

Just one hour from Melbourne lies the five-million-year-old Trentham Falls, Victoria's single highest drop, surrounded by the thick vegetation of the Wombat State Forest.

In winter, you'll find Trentham Falls absolutely roaring, but summer doesn't often have enough rain for it to be at its spectacular best.

Picnic facilities are aplenty, with tables and toilets, barbecues, and shady spots to lay a blanket. Take a stroll through the native bush along any of the scenic walking tracks in the forest and in the Lerderderg State Park - the waterfall viewing platform is a short 70-metre walk (unfortunately you can't get to the bottom of the falls anymore), or take a bike if you're so inclined.

Location: Daylesford & Macedon Ranges

5. Hopetoun

Hopetoun Falls
Hopetoun in full flow.

Hopetoun Falls on the Aire River in the Great Otway National Park is another incredible waterfall near Melbourne and totally worth the trek along the Great Ocean Road (a glorious drive in itself).

Surrounded by lush fern rainforests, you can admire the view from either the upper platform or from the base of the waters. Fear not, there is a bench you can sit on to rest and psych yourself up for the 200 steps back up to ground level.

Location: Great Otway National Park, Cape Otway

6. Agnes Falls

Agnes Falls
Agnes Falls

Imagine spreading out a blanket and unpacking a basket of goodies with the highest single span waterfalls near Melbourne as your backdrop.

Three hours from Melbourne, Agnes Falls tumbles down into a deep, lush gorge. The journey there will lead you through enchanting blue gum forests, setting the stage for a serene family picnic. Don’t forget your camera – the native wildlife here are the perfect subjects for a family photo shoot!

Location: 125 Agnes Falls Rd, Hazel Park

7. Ferntree Falls

The best waterfalls near Melbourne
Ferntree Falls

Getting to Ferntree Falls is a little bit more of a hike from the car, but the bonus is you get to see three waterfalls on the way! It's about a 1-kilometre round trip through the ferny goodness.

Location: Mount Buangor State Park

8. Gooram 

Gooram Falls
Gooram Falls

For those sunny days when everyone's itching for a bit of water play, Gooram Falls is your go-to.

About two hours from Melbourne, this spot offers not just a stunning waterfall but also rock pools that beckon for a splash. The walk is a short 400 metres from the car park, making it super manageable for all ages.

Pack a picnic, dip your toes in the water, and enjoy a day filled with laughter and fun.

Location: 1813-1839 Euroa-Mansfield Rd, Gooram

9. Beauchamp 

The best waterfalls near Melbourne
Beauchamp Falls

Beauchamp Falls continually gets voted one of the best waterfalls near Melbourne and it's easy to see why.

One of the more strenuous walks for the adventurous, Beauchamp lies about 30 minutes into a magnificent mountain ash forest. You will be rewarded with a 20-25-metre waterfall crashing into the pool below, amid the ferny undergrowth nestled in between the gigantic trees. 

Location: Beauchamp Falls Walking Track, Beech Forest

10. MacKenzie Falls

MacKenzie Falls Victoria
A full view of MacKenzie Falls. 

If you love the idea of hearing the pounding water falling even before you see the waterfall, you'll love visiting MacKenzie Falls.

Located in the middle of the Grampians National Park, the two-kilometre return walk to MacKenzie Falls is easy for the whole family to enjoy, and the amazing views when you get there are so worth it! 

Location: Northern Grampians Rd, Zumsteins

11. Woolshed Falls

Woolshed Falls
Woolshed Falls

Transport your family back to the Gold Rush era with a visit to Woolshed Falls, located near Beechworth in the picturesque Chiltern-Mt Pilot National Park, around three hours from Melbourne.

The falls are just a ten-minute jaunt from the parking area, making it an easy trip even for the tiniest of trekkers. Explore the historical site where miners once sought their fortunes and enjoy the spectacular sight of water rushing over ancient rocks.

Location: Woolshed Falls Road, Beechworth

12. Triplet Falls

Triplet Falls
Triplet Falls

If you’re looking for a quieter, more secluded spot, Triplet Falls is an excellent choice.

Hidden within the Great Otway National Park, these waterfalls near Melbourne feature three cascades flowing through a verdant, fern-filled rainforest. The two-kilometre loop trail offers an engaging but manageable walk for families, making it an ideal spot for those looking to immerse themselves in nature’s tranquility.

Location: Phillips Track, Wyelangta

13. Erskine Falls

The best waterfalls near Melbourne
Erskine Falls

Located near the famed Great Ocean Road just two hours from Melbourne, Erskine Falls awaits with its majestic drop into the lush Erskine River gully.

There are two lookouts to choose from: one an easy stroll from the car park and the other, a more adventurous descent to the waters' base. For the active family, there's a longer hike that unveils even more stunning waterfalls – a true adventure in the great outdoors!

Location: Erskine Falls Access Rd, Lorne

14. Wannon Falls

The best waterfalls near Melbourne
Wannon Falls

Explore the unique landscape of western Victoria with a visit to Wannon Falls, where water dramatically plunges into a punchbowl-like pool.

The area is rich in local flora, fauna, and Koori history, making it not just a trip but an educational experience for the whole family.

Location: Glenelg Highway, Wannon 

15. Fish Falls

Fish Falls
Fish Falls

Escape the crowds and find solace at Fish Falls in the Grampians.

The walk is pleasantly challenging, ideal for families looking to spend a day in nature. It’s less crowded than its neighbour, Mackenzie Falls, offering a peaceful retreat surrounded by stunning scenery.

Location: Zumsteins

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