Rainbow Buddies at District Docklands

  • Tue Apr 16 - Sat Aug 31 2024
  • Preschoolers
  • From: $35.00

Calling all Rainbow Friends fans! Dive into the vibrant, plush-filled world of Rainbow Buddies at District Docklands—a real-life game that brings the viral online phenomenon into the physical world.

Presented by the creators of Saboteurs, this immersive adventure takes playground play to the next level.

Rainbow Buddies at District Docklands

Rainbow Buddies at District Docklands
Rainbow Buddies at District Docklands

Housed inside creatively converted shipping containers, you'll step right into the thick of the action. Laugh, dash, and dodge as you navigate through a maze lit by yellow, green, and blue lasers. Your mission? To find and rescue hidden plushie toys without getting zapped—if you do, it's back to the start for you!

Cleverly hide under invisibility cloaks or inside boxes to evade the colourful beams. Snag the plushies one by one, secure them back in their designated spots, and rack up those points. It's a race to see who can score the highest without a single jump scare—just pure, active fun!

Rainbow Buddies is perfect for players aged 4 to 9 and can accommodate groups from 1 to 30. Each session rolls out with a 10-minute induction followed by 45 minutes of game time.

So, gather your squad, bring your best game face, and get ready to play your favourite game in real life. Don't miss out on this unique and energetic experience at District Docklands.

Where:   District Docklands
When:    Until 31 August 2024
Cost:      From $35

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