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When the scorching heat of Western Sydney sets in, the allure of a refreshing beach is undeniable. But while we might be a considerable distance from the iconic sandy shores of Bondi or Manly, there's a hidden gem that locals have come to cherish: Windsor Beach.

Also referred to as Macquarie Beach, Windsor, this peaceful haven offers a distinct beach experience nestled on the edges of the Hawkesbury River. Situated opposite Windsor, amidst the picturesque backdrop of Macquarie Park, it's a locale that guarantees relaxation, enjoyment, and a hint of exploration.

Where to Swim Western Sydney: Windsor Beach

Windsor Beach Western Sydney
Toddlers love it! Make sure to keep a close eye on them as the water gets deep quickly.


Macquarie Park, with its extensive beachfront, is a sanctuary for families and beach aficionados. While the park features a playground and a café, the primary allure is undeniably the river beach. The sandy expanse is generous, but it's important to remember that shaded areas are limited. Thus, if a full-day outing is on the cards, packing a beach tent or umbrella is HIGHLY recommended.

Facilities and Enhancements

The local council has undertaken commendable initiatives to elevate the visitor experience at the beach. The car park has undergone recent enhancements, and there are now refined pathways leading to the water's edge. For those envisaging a day-long stay, the vicinity is furnished with toilets and picnic tables, catering to the convenience of families and groups.

Several covered shelters are available, with one even equipped with a gas BBQ. The park's mature trees, including the vibrant Jacarandas, offer idyllic picnic spots for those seeking a bit of seclusion away from the main playground and beach area. 

Macquarie Park Playground

The playground at Macquarie Park is designed to cater to children of all ages and abilities. From traditional playground equipment to an exciting climbing dome and those twisty twirly installations that leave kids dizzy with joy, there's something for every child. A small pathway encircles the playground, perfect for toddlers on their trikes and scooters. For the more adventurous on bikes, the river's edge offers a dirt bike path.

Tips for Visitors:

  • Always pack a beach tent or umbrella for shade as there is little around and it gets HOT out there.
  • Prior to taking a plunge, check the water's depth, especially if accompanied by children. The water is dark and it's hard to tell if not checked.

So, the next time the temperatures soar, and you're yearning for a beach day, remember that Western Sydney has its very own beach paradise waiting for you.

Location: 1 Wilberforce Rd, Freemans Reach NSW 2756, Australia.

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