Crystal Castle in NSW Has the World's Largest Crystal

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Did you know that NSW is home to the world's largest crystal? We certainly didn’t know this, but now that we do, we’re chomping at the bit to go on a road trip up to Crystal Castle to visit the world’s largest amethyst crystal cave!

Whether or not you believe in the magical healing powers of crystals or are just in awe of their luminescent beauty, visiting the world’s largest crystal cave should certainly be on your bucket list.

Crystal Castle in NSW Has the World's Largest Crystal

Crystal Castle Byron Bay
Inside the world’s largest amethyst crystal cave.

The famous crystal cave in question is Crystal Castle And Shambhala Gardens in the stunning Byron Bay Hinterland.

The lush sanctuary at Crystal Castle Byron Bay is a relatively unrecognised tourist attraction and is most often visited by those who believe in the healing powers of crystals or those seeking spiritual connection. A spiritual connection might very well be possible once you step inside the crowning glory of Crystal Castle Byron Bay, the 120-million-year-old Enchanted Cave.

Shambhala Gardens
Shambhala Gardens' smoky quartz geodes are the largest crystals in the world.

Naren King founded Crystal Castle in 1986 and for the last 30 years has travelled all over the world to source the rarest crystals in the world, his finest piece being the enchanted geode which he brought home to Byron Bay all the way from Uruguay.

Another highlight of Crystal Castle Byron Bay is the two giant smoky quartz geodes that stand as guards watching over the castle and gardens. Standing at over five metres, these two impressive specimens are the largest crystals in the world.     

NSW's Incredible Natural Wonders

The Shambhala Gardens

Shambhala Gardens
Shambhala Gardens is home to the largest Kalachakra World Peace Stupa in the Southern Hemisphere.

If the crystals don’t do it for you, spiritual enlightenment could well be achieved just by walking through the jaw-dropping Shambhala Gardens. Sitting in prime position in the gardens is the only Kalachakra World Peace Stupa in the Southern Hemisphere, which was blessed by non-other than the Dalai Lama himself. This sacred monument is one of only 7 in the world and is believed to protect against negative energies and restore balance to the earth in times of strife.

Crystal Castle Byron Bay
The healing powers of Buddha are felt all throughout the stunning Crystal Castle gardens.

If you’re more comforted by Buddha statues, you’ll find a pretty impressive one here too. Sitting among the lush foliage along the Buddha Walk, Crystal Castle’s Buddha statue is 4 metres high and surrounded by rose quartz. Your visit to Shambhala Gardens will also include a stop at The Labyrinth, Damanhur Spiral, Reflexology Path, Forest of Friends and Family, and the Rainforest Walk.

Exploring the Crystal Castle Gardens

Crystal Castle Byron Bay
Make time for a wander in the Crystal Castle Bamboo Avenue walk during your visit.

Crystal Castle Byron Bay is open to the public to peruse at your leisure. As well as guided tours and immersive experiences of the Crystal Cave, crystal-making workshops and tarot readings are on offer, or you might just prefer to wander through the gardens and see the sites. There is also a cafe onsite for coffee and dining.

Crystal Castle Location & Opening Hours

Crystal Castle And Shambhala Gardens is located at 81 Monet Dr, Montecollum. 

The grounds are open to the public seven days a week from 9 to 5 pm. 

Hero image via @luizacastilhoslopes.

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