Dopamine Land: A New Immersive Sensory Experience

  • Tue May 28 - Wed Jul 31 2024
  • Toddlers
    All Ages
  • $0.00

Get ready to chase that happiness high at Dopamine Land, Brisbane's latest sensory extravaganza!

Brought to you by Fever, the wizards behind some of Australia's coolest events, this immersive playground is a one-way ticket to a world where nostalgia and wonder meet.

Dopamine Land: Brisbane's New Immersive Sensory Experience

Dopamine Land Brisbane
Dopamine Land, Brisbane

Straight out of London, Dopamine Land is setting up shop from 28 May 2024 to fill your life with joy, creativity, and that sweet, sweet dopamine.

Dopamine Land is an all-ages adventure through an interactive wonderland where imagination runs wild, and every turn is a new way to tickle your happiness hormones. With 10 uniquely themed rooms, get ready for a sensory buffet of optical illusions, captivating soundscapes, and an overall explosion of feel-good vibes.

Get your groove on at Musical Tiles, where your steps compose the soundtrack of the moment, lighting up with melodies and colours.

Dopamine Land Brisbane
The Keep Calm Forest

Wander into the Keep Calm Forest, a digital woodland that’s all about zen, with LED foliage and calming soundscapes for that much-needed chill.

Then, dive into Lucid Dreams, where Australian digital artist Cassie Troughton takes you on a visual ASMR trip, setting the scene for those Insta-perfect shots.

Dopamine Land Brisbane
Dopamine Land will include 10 interactive rooms.

Feeling feisty? Engage in a whimsical Pillow Fight, drawing inspiration from lolly boxes and Mexican wrestling, and maybe even snag the title of champion pillow warrior. Or jump into the Ball Pit, a throwback to 80s Miami vibes, complete with glowing horizons, soft play pits, and a soundtrack that's pure neon nostalgia.

Every corner of Dopamine Land is a photo op waiting to happen, with special spots to capture those memorable moments. So, pack your bags for an unforgettable journey to Brisbane's newest spectacle, where every experience is designed to make you feel good. Trust us, it's going to be a dopamine rush like no other!

Where:     Level Q, Uptown, 91 Queen St, Brisbane City
When:      From 28 May 2024 - waitlist opens 11 April
Cost:        TBA

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