Woof! Why Scratch Is The Must-Try Dog Food For Your Mate

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Have you ever read the ingredient list on your pup's dog food? 

Gelling agents, Cereal, Gluten and Colouring Agents...say what?! These are just some of the weird things you'll find in a heap of commercial dog food products. We were shocked to learn that pet food is unregulated, and brands can even hide disclosing their ingredients altogether.

Enter Scratch: a new breed of 100% transparent grain-free dog food. You won’t find Scratch in your local pet store. They’re online-only, swapping store mark-up for healthier ingredients that you’d feed your kids.

The Inspiration

Founded by dog lovers Mike and Doug, whose pet peeve (pardon the pun) is that Aussies are paying too much for average dry dog food - comprised of "ground up dodgy meat, cheap ingredients, heavy bags, little transparency and 80% of it being headed up by two massive chocolate companies."

Doug had worked in the pet food industry for the past seven years, but was fed up with how the dog food industry deliberately mislead and confused customers into buying more expensive food, that must be healthier right?

“Just because it’s grain-free doesn’t mean its healthier. Many brands will just swap grains for a cheap grain-free replacement like Tapioca or Potato Starch that don’t offer any nutritional value. We wanted to make dog food that was easy to understand and trust”.

With just a single option, Scratch is based entirely on wholefoods and cuts all of the confusion and misleading advertising. The stuff is not only better for your dog, but packaging is 100% recyclable and every sale includes a donation to 1% for the Planet.

How Is Scratch Different To Normal Pet Food? 

With ingredients like ethically-sourced kangaroo, fibre-rich broad beans and chickpeas, essential vitamins and minerals and omega-3-rich salmon oil, Scratch has been made entirely with ingredients you recognise - unlike commercial dog food varieties, many of which don't state what the main ingredient is.

Scratch is free from cheap fillers, with every single ingredient having an important function; think kangaroo for a low-allergenic protein source, and salmon oil for a shiny coat and brain and joint health. 

You’d think that all these better ingredients would cost more, but by making it themselves and selling it online, they’re able to save on the store markup and keep it well priced. Per kilo, Scratch is also significantly cheaper than its competitors, without compromising on quality. 

Free your laundry and save your back!

When you think about how long a big bag of food sits in your laundry for and how much effort it is to lug it back from the store, it doesn’t really make much sense.

The Scratch box is beautiful and small enough to fit in your pantry. It zip locks to seal in smells and nutrition. Scratch also ships free to Sydney and Melbourne. The box even has your dog’s name on it!

Scratch's Subscription Model 

With about 30% of Australian dogs overweight (causing joint pain and heart disease), they’re also tackling the massive problem of overfeeding and how much to feed growing puppies.

When you sign up for Scratch, you'll be asked a a handful of questions about your dog (size, breed, age etc) so that a feeding program to suit their needs can be calculated by the Scratch website.

A fresh 7.5kg box of delicious food is then delivered to your door for FREE - no supersized bags means nutritional value that lasts, and the next bag will be delivered according to when your dog is set to run out of their stash. 

Subscriptions can be put on pause, or sped up if your pup just can't get enough of the stuff. There's even a money-back guarantee if your pup's not feeling it. 

Want Your Mate's Meals Made From Scratch?

Find out more about Scratch premium dog food here. 

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