Wolli Creek Park Expands Into 45 Hectares of Glorious Natural Parkland

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Did you know there's a massive green expansion happening right under our noses, Sydney? Nestled between the bustling hubs of Marrickville, Mascot, and Rockdale, Wolli Creek Regional Park just got a fabulous green makeover, expanding its wild heart by a whopping 4.7 hectares. Yep, that's almost five rugby fields of pristine nature added to our urban escape!

Wolli Creek Park Expands Into 45 Hectares of Glorious Natural Parkland

Wolli Creek Regional Park
Wolli Creek Regional Park

This green giant is blooming into one of Sydney's largest parks, thanks to the NSW Government's recent land additions. Picture this: rare native bushland, just a stone's throw from the CBD, where you can really breathe and stretch out. It's the perfect antidote to our city's skyscraper skyline.

Kicking off way back in 1998, the Carr Government planted the seeds to create Wolli Creek Regional Park. Fast forward to today, and the NSW Government are pushing full steam ahead to wrap up this green dream. The new slices of land mean Wolli Creek Regional Park now stretches an impressive 45 hectares. Imagine trekking from Bexley North to Earlwood without ever leaving the leafy embrace of this urban oasis.

Wildlife in the Heart of Sydney

Wolli Creek Regional Park
See how many spotted orchids you can spot!

Not just any park, Wolli Creek is a sanctuary for over 460 species of plants and critters, from chirpy birdlife to shy native mammals, wildflowers, and even a community of vulnerable grey-headed flying foxes. And if panoramic views are your thing, Nanny Goat Hill's got you covered with breathtaking vistas over the Wolli Creek Valley.

What's on Offer at Wolli Creek Regional Park

Wolli Creek Regional Park
Wolli Creek Regional Park

So, what’s on the agenda at Wolli Creek? Loads! The park is a treasure trove for the outdoorsy and adventurous.

There's a scenic 2km stretch of the Two Valley trail, linking Campsie to Bexley North, that's a must-walk, threading through Canterbury, Undercliffe, and Bardwell Park. This trail isn't just a walk; it's a journey through a crucial green corridor that's a lifeline for local flora and fauna.

And for those lazy Sunday vibes, hit up the Girrahween picnic area. Tucked away, this spot is an ideal setting for a laid-back family picnic or some spirited tag among the towering eucalypts. Trust us, you'll forget you're in the heart of a bustling metropolis.

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