When Snake Was Lyfe: Growing Up In Australia In The 90s

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Isn't it funny when the kids say they're bored? Imagine if they were in lockdown during the nineties! 

This has made us experience a wave of nostalgia as we think about what on earth we did before the revolution that was the digital age. 

Growing up as a 90s kid was a world away from growing up in the noughties – for one thing we didn’t have the internet (gasp!) and our version of Netflix entailed physically driving to a mystical dwelling known as a “Video Shop”. Parents could pay for things using paper money (aka “a cheque”), mobile phones were reserved for the rich and famous, and you were considered the height of fashionable if you owned a Snap Bangle.

If you too grew up in Australia in the 90s, join us as we celebrate these unusual realities.


Starting With This Unfairness


Source: Bored Panda

This Legitimacy 


Source: Buzzfeed

The Most Exciting Creation



This Pain


Source: Bored Panda


This Cruelty


Source: Bored Panda

And If There Were No Copies Left Your Night Was Over


Source: Bored Panda

A Worthy Vocation


Source: Bored Panda


This Farshun


Source: Cosmopolitan.com


The Struggle Was Real


This Highlight

Source: Buzzfeed


The Height Of Technology


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The Best Day In The World

Source: Bored Panda


And The Worst


The Greatest Game In The Universe



And The Worst


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More Farshun



Photoshop in the 90s


This Instant Fame


Source: @meanwhileinaus


More Technology


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At Least Our Watches Were Edible

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We Did Not Think This Through...



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random person

Feb 13 2020

everyone between 2000 and 2010, experiences most of this stuff. Things like video and movie streaming are all relatively new, everyone born in the 90s acting like they had everything hard. CHANGE IS NORMAL, CHANGE IS SUPPOSED TO HAPPEN. How do you think the 80s babies think.