What Kind Of Outdoor Exercise Can I do In NSW During Lockdown?

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With lockdown in full swing once again, lots of people are scratching their heads and wondering "what can I do given the latest round of stay-at-home restrictions"? 

According to the law, we should all be staying home unless we’re going to work, to education, to provide compassionate care or to shop for essentials or exercise. Ultimately, exercise is allowed outdoors in groups of no more than 10 people - and it (hopefully) goes without saying that when exercising in groups, maintaining a good social distance is essential.

Here is the low down on what kind of exercise you can do in NSW to stay healthy and sane during lockdown.

1. Walking

You can go for a walk, or run in your neighbourhood, take your dog for a walk and even meet a friend, bearing in mind that social distancing rules of 1.5 metres between people still apply.

2. Outdoor Exercise Classes

These are still permitted to go ahead in groups of no more than 10, providing social distancing is adhered to.

3. Hiking

While this is legit exercise, only travel for essential reasons is permitted, so location options are restricted, and some national parks are closed. 

4. Ball Games

Ball games in lockdown
While you won't be engaging in any team games during the lockdown, you can take a ball to the park to kick around with family!

You are permitted to go to a park and kick a ball around in groups of no more than 10, however, community sport (whether training or a match) in greater Sydney including the Blue Mountains, Central Coast, Wollongong and Shellharbour can only proceed if it complies with the rules about outdoor public gatherings and premises that are directed to be closed. This means that most community sport cannot go ahead in greater Sydney.

5. Surfing

It would be unAustralian not to! Surfing is permitted in NSW at this stage.

6. Bike Riding

Going for a bike ride is permitted during the lockdown, so saddle up everyone!

7. Golf

Exercise during lockdown
Golf courses are fair game for exercise, provided they comply with COVID safety rules.

While clubhouse operations on golf courses must be closed for normal business (except takeaway), Golf NSW has been advised that golf is considered exercise and can continue if a Club complies with its COVID-19 Safety Plan.

8. Tennis

The nature of singles tennis lends itself to social distancing so it has been given the green light across NSW. Again, if your local club has decided to stay open, playing tennis is approved.

Above all, the best thing to exercise is common sense—and remember that stay-at-home orders have been put in place to keep us all safe. Happy exercising, everyone!

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