Get Creative With Play-Doh

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We never cease to be amazed by how much time little ones can spend quietly rolling, kneading, cutting and creating with play dough. On the next cold, rainy day where you find you and your children trapped in the house with seemingly no entertainment to while away the hours, try these simple steps for play dough creations that kids will just LOVE getting crafty with. 

Make A Rainbow

When it's raining outside, create a sunny play dough day! It couldn't get much easier than this, but little ones will be mesmerised. 

1. Lay out all your Play-Doh colours- get your little one to decide what will work best as the sun, the rainbow, the sky, or even the moon and the stars.

2. Roll various colours into long, thin cylinders. When that's done (you should have about 6 or 7 cylinders ideally), fold them tightly around each other in a  semi-circle shape to mimic a rainbow's arch. The more inwards you get, the short the cylinder needs to be.

3. Make a sun with a circular body and cylinders coming out for rays, and even simply a big blue blob for the sky. Maybe add some birds, trees, rain-anything!

4. In case you want to get really technical- here's the colour pattern for a real life rainbow: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo and violet! 

Make A Dragonfly

A little more technical than the rainbow, but still simple. Toddlers can easily be guided through this one! The best thing with Play-Doh is that there is no right or wrong- if your dragonfly has a few extra bits or a misshapen something-or-other, it only adds character! 

1. Roll a cylinder that tapers at one end for the dragonfly's body- pick your colour carefully! Make a few small circular balls out of this same colour for its neck and mouth, which will be placed alternately between balls of other colours. 

2. For wings- you need two colours. For one colour, roll two cylinders of the same length and fold each around itself. Make the cylinders in the second colour slightly longer as they will be your top wings. Stick them at an angle off the body, as shown below.

3. Create a small pink semicircle for the smiling mouth, and place it on one of the body-coloured balls.

4. Pick another colour and create two eyes- the bigger, the kookier! Pile a white ball followed by a black ball on top of each to give them a more realistic look. You might even want to use googly eyes instead of Play-Doh! 

Make A Monster!

This is where your child's imagination really comes into play! Kids will never need a nightlight again if they think that these are the fun critters hiding under their bed. There are no rules with this one, so have fun!oky monster!

Some of our monster-making tips include:

  • blob-shaped monsters are perfect for really little kids- just make a Play-Doh ball, and stick on eyes and other adornments
  • use pipe cleaners as arms or tentacles
  • googly eyes are another fun addition

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